Robusta is My Choice of Coffee!

9 months ago

How do you like your coffee? I like it sieve sometimes and in that case, I like Robusta.

Australia in anti-China military alliance with US and UK

The new alliance, the AUKUS partnership, will end French shipbuilder Naval Group to build new submarines for the Aussies.

45 mins ago

Will China Regain Its Lost Deals With Najib’s Return?

The return of Najib Razak as an adviser to Malaysia's PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob could have deep connotations for China

3 days ago

Japan Embassy Confirms Terror Alert

Two days ago, NHK WORLD, Japan said several Asian countries are on high alert against terrorist groups that may be…

4 days ago

Mullah Omar. What his death meant for the Taliban

While Omar will be known as the man who refused to hand over the Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden to…

1 week ago

Watch the Apple Car drive itself soon

Apple Car is now coming into reality with the Apple Watch software development boss taking control of the self-driving vehicle…

1 week ago

US agreed to an Islamic Gov’t in Afghanistan

As long as the Taliban does not use Afghanistan to perpetrate or allow attacks against the US and its allies,…

1 week ago

Taliban captures Panjsir ‘valley of death‘

The Taliban has captured the Panjsir valley, a small area of resistance where the ousted regime in Kabul initiated a…

1 week ago

Four ways banks can meet hybrid work challenges head-on

COVID-19 has shown us that banks have the agility and resourcefulness to remain productive and deliver customer experiences when external…

2 weeks ago

Singapore Achieves Historic Breakthrough Amid Geopolitical Changes

Why is Singapore favored by multinational companies and financial markets? There are many answers to this, for instance, Singapore has…

2 weeks ago

Comfortdelgro, Engie Win Tender To Provide EV Charging In Singapore

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) tender was keenly contested with a total of 19 bids submitted. It marks the first…

2 weeks ago