Man Utd: Shooting More Blanks!

Manchester United out of the Euro Champions league. Not a surprise at all after their lackluster performance in that competition this season. But the real problem for the club is they are too dependent on Rooney.

That is my opinion indeed.

The team does not have a prolific scorer. With Rooney aging, Giggs on his way out, Hernandez staying at the clinic more than playing football, Man. Utd will be shooting blanks for a long time.

I guess during the next transfer window – January 2012 – the club will look for a natural striker but that will not be enough if they don’t shift their focus from Rooney. Indeed, Man Utd feels the responsibility to put Rooney up in their priorities. They are English first and if Rooney is not given all the support, he might miss out in the forthcoming Euro 2012. That would be devastating to the nation and to the club.

Yet his performance has been below standards for the past weeks. And the team is suffering from this poor performance from Rooney.

They are out of the Euro Champions league, they are behind Man City in the Premier League with a 5 points deficit and they are facing Man City in the F.A. Cup third round. Not an easy game but if they play tactics more than ‘play’ Rooney, they might surprise City as they have players who can do that!

Meanwhile, they are out of the Carling Cup, being booted out by Crystal Palace. This leaves them with – practically speaking – the F.A. Cup as the trophy that they may still hope to win.

But will they beat city at Main Road?

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