Berbatov, Liverpool and the Premier League

Berbatov, Liverpool and the Premier League

January 12, 2012 0 By User

It has been weeks since I posted an article here. The thing is that I was very busy with my real work and that took most of my time during the December and early January period.

Now, with Manchester United beating Manchester City in the FA cup it was a sweet revenge indeed for the 6-1 trashing. What I learned from this FA cup match though is that City is geared-up for the Barclays Permier League. Not that it was not interested in beating Man Utd in the FA cup match but it was clear that Man Utd was better prepared and the absence of Yaya Toure did disturb City’s game plan.

What impressed me the most though with the United team is return of Berbatov. The latter displayed real skill and strength of play with his 6 goals after a long, very long absence. I believe he would have made the difference in the match lost by Man Utd against Blackburn.

The Blackburn defeat is much to be desired though as I thought the Man Utd team was too complacent. They allowed Blackburn to hit when least obvious and that means a sort of complacency that cannot be tolerated in such a league. Did the Man U team want Blackburn to win in order to save Steve King’s skin? And that demands investigation if you ask me.

Liverpool. After a trashing – which I did not expect – against Man City a week ago losing by 3-0, they did well to beat a City which once again, showed it had the Premier League in mind. It is a dangerous gambit for City since it is on the verge of getting booted out of the League cup, the third cup in the process after the Champions League and the FA cup. With Tottenham Hotspurs in great form and dismissing Everton in their late game at White Hart Lane, the title is now a 3 way battle and I believe Spurs will prove harder to beat than usual this time around.

The match to watch and to lose for United will be when they play against Tottenham in the Premier League. If the Spurs team wins this match they will probably – if the standings remain the same as it is now at that time – overtake Man Utd and will be on the hunt for Man City. I believe they will defeat Man Utd. This I am certain if Man Utd progresses further in the FA cup against Liverpool. That will mean Man U will focus on the FA cup while Spurs will have the way for itself to battle it out against Man City and I believe Spurs will give Man City a harder time at Etihad this time around.

It is not yet over for City to claim they have won the Championship title as I fear a little that they could end up without any trophies this season.

Unless they take on Liverpool at Anfield Road and reaches the League Cup final and defeat both Man Utd and Spurs in the Premier League…