van Persie – Adapting at Man Utd

van Persie – Adapting at Man Utd

October 4, 2012 0 By WFTV

van Persie missed two great chances during the Tottenham game at Old Trafford. It was such a pity. He played well, missed the two chances but it is felt he is not well served by other Man Utd players…the Man Utd players seem to feel that van Persie is yet to be their hero?

He has already scored 5 goals for Man Utd so far and could easily be at his 10 or 15 goals for the team soon enough.

Perhaps van Persie must start to play like a leader and impose himself on the team, then the others will have more respect for him?

It seems Nani is missing Berbatov who left for Fulham. Nani apparently did everything he could to leave too…but failed in his bid. He will surely be leaving soon.

Evra is surely missing Park who also left in the mid season. They were always together…and that might have affected his game as he said himself it appeared the Man Utd players left their head at the hotel in the first half against Tottenham.

And there is the line up against Spurs. What the hell. Would De Gea have done better than Lindegard? I think so…