The stars are falling…Updated

Man Utd beaten at home, beaten shamefully at Ettihad stadium and lingering way down below in the Premier League. A situation expected after the retirement of Sir Alex Fergusson.

Man Utd Down...
Man Utd Down…

Now the stars are falling off the Man Utd colors and more defeats are to be expected in the wake of the new season, with David Moyes unable to stop the sinking ship from drowning further.

Will Moyes be the first to fall if the salvaging fails? What is he doing to salvage Man Utd in this Premier League season, his first at the helm of the club?

Or will it be a David NoYes situation? ‘No’ for not being able to save the club from falling down further, and ‘Yes’ for staying on desperately?

The question is why vanPersie was a substitute? Was it to please Rooney? The other question is, why play attack with the heads down? Utd dominated against City, against WBA but lost…WIll Moyes learn anything from that?

Otherwise, are we going to see a dramatic turn of events where SAF returns?  

Nevertheless, the despair faced by the Utd fans across the globe is understood. Watching Man Utd beaten at Old Trafford by a resilient team from WBA will remain in their memories for a long time if this season is not given the turn around that they hope.

I remember the tough beginnings of Sir Alex at Old Trafford. There were press campaigns against him, supporters of the club were gearing up to get him out of the formation, names were popping-up as potential replacements to the embattled Sir Alex.

The difference between the start of the Sir Alex era, and the beginning of David Moyes era, is that Man Utd at that time in the mid 1980’s were a mid-range team, incapable of winning more than the FA Cup. Sir Alex inherited a team struggling to make its mark in Division 1 (now the Premier League). It was a shadow of its glorious past.

The team inherited by Moyes is a team made of champions that just lifted the club’s 20th English champions title earlier this year and under Moyes they are playing like the shadow of the winning club.

This is a huge misfit by all measure!

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