Mauritius: Mauritians should vote 2-1 nationwide

December 6, 2014 0 By User

With the corruption that has gripped the electoral process in Mauritius – thanks to money politics – the Muslims in particular and the Mauritians in general has a great moral responsibility to ensure checks and balance in the august Parliament.
It is clear that for decades, the old guards of the political scene have replaced the ‘vieux chico’ of the 1980’s Labour-PMSD era.
The MMM is still led by Paul Berenger, who has achieved everything he aimed for in the political arena, while the MSM is headed by Aneerood Jugnauth the man who brought the economic miracle of the 1980’s.
The PMSD is still in the grip of the Duval family, while the Labour party has descended into a dynasty with the Ramgoolam (family and friends) ruling.
What does all this mean?
The political ‘shelf’ life of these 1970’s-1980’s political figures do not augur well for Mauritius, as it relegates the younger generations to ‘followers’ and risks sending the Gen X and Gen Y of Mauritius to be categorised as ‘lost generations’.
This said, the Mauritius nation should ensure that the old guards do not have a 100 per cent stronghold on the Parliament.
The way to achieve this is to vote 2-1 in all constituencies, with the younger generations voting for the younger candidates against the older ones.
While the women population should make it their duties to vote younger women on the electoral list their priorities, while they should also choose to vote younger candidates as their second choice.
As for the elderly folks, they will surely vote in their set patterns: They are either pro-Berenger or pro-Navin or else pro-Jugnauth and pro-Duval.
Their vote direction will form the core of the results on Dec 11, but the spoilers by the women and youth of the country will ensure that any opposition will be able to block the new government from acting with authoritarian powers.
Elections are still very communal based in Mauritius, and this is a flagrant failure of the MMM-Berenger historical tactics to change the country’s mindset.
Thus we are certain the election result will be a communal one, with the minorities at a loss, while the minority Hindu community will end up the winners.
The Berenger-Navin tandem want to get rid of the Best Looser system, without thinking of the impact it will have on the minorities. The system is the one that will ensure that minorities get enough representatives in the Parliament.
The only way to buck the trend is for the younger generations to vote 2-1 in all constituencies, and not to waste their votes based on communal considerations.

It is one old giant against two old giants...can SAJ pull out a surprise in the end?

It is one old giant against two old giants…can SAJ pull out a surprise in the end?

This will ensure a balance of power in the parliament.
Nevertheless, the final rallies at Vacoas (Alliance Le Pep), and at Port Louis (Alliance progres) will give a definitive answer on the composition of the next parliament in Mauritius.