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UPDATED Mauritius: Historic trashing of the MMM

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It is a historic thrashing of the MMM, which registered a defeat never seen before in its history, thanks to a maligned alliance that it concocted with the Labour Party.
The MMM won only 9 seats in the elections, a poor performance compared to its long history of being the biggest party on the Island.
Fragmented after the departure of Ivan Collendavello, who formed his own version of the MMM with the Movement Liberateur (ML), the MMM could not sustain the onslaught of Sir Aneerood Jugnauth (SAJ) and of the ML in these elections.
The fatal mistake of MMM leader Paul Berenger was to abandon the MSM of SAJ in denying the ‘remake’ of the year 2000 coalition.
But the main reason for the MMM-Labour defeat will remain the massive rejection of the 2nd republic, and the refusal by the MMM-PTR to embrace social media, where the MSM-PMSD-ML ruled supreme!
The main victim of the MMM-PTR trashing is outgoing Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam who lost his seat for the very first time, since he joined politics in 1991.
It was also an expected victory for Sir Aneerood Jugnauth (SAJ) and his coalition of the people, which delivered a real tsunami against the mighty MMM-Labour of outgoing Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam and Paul Berenger.
A month ago, predicted a 45-15 victory for the MSM-PMSD-ML in these elections, and that the campaign led by SAJ was gaining traction across the board.
The MSM-PMSD-ML won 47 seats! also said the opposition alliance was gaining ground in the towns, and was making major headway in the villagees.
Now, the SAJ-Vishnu Lutmeenaraidoo tandem will have to deliver on their promises of a second economic miracle in Mauritius.
Both leaders were at the helm of the country in the early 1980’s when the country started to extract itself from economic slumber, to become one of Africa’s most dynamic economy.
The Alliance Lepep had also promised that it will nominate the first woman candidate to the post of President of Mauritius.
The ageing SAJ, who will be 84 soon, will become the eldest Prime Minister ever to be at the helm of Mauritius.
Ameenah Gurib Fakim, biologist, will probably be promoted to the post of President.
In this historic trashing, the MMM managed to salvage its top leadership, in these elections with the election of Paul Berenger, Alan Ganoo and Rajesh Baghwan.
To the majority of the opposition voters, the MSM-PMSD-ML victory is one that has stopped the ‘dictatorship’ that the MMM-PTR wanted to impose on the country with its doomed 2nd Republic, the basis of which was a dangerous proposal to completely revise the country’s constitution.

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