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Will France Rip Islam Apart After Charlie Hebdo?

Alexei Martynov suggested the Charlie Hebdo was carried out by US intelligence agencies to pressure French President Francois Hollande into maintaining Western economic sanctions against Russia.

Charlie Hebdo beheaded!

As far as 2013, the French defended their non-participation in the Iraq war in 2003, a war which they deemed illegal. But this time around, with the Charlie Hebdo killings, will the French finally shun their own principles and join a larger coalition against Islam? Or is there more to the Paris attack than the eye can see, including pressure on France to support any international US agendas?<!–more–>

At the time of the decision making process to engage France in the Iraq war, the French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin’s delivered a master speech at the UN to defend his and his country’s opposition to the war. Note that villepin is a vocal right-wing political figure. His opposition to the war gained rare national consensus in France. It was applauded within the entire French political spectrum. But those days are over. Are they?

Since Villepin, France has changed, little by little and when President Nicolas Sarkozy took power the country tilted in the war mongering zone. He took office in 2007, and soon he banned the Niqab in public, imposing hefty fines on Muslim women who would defy the ban.

it was a ban that France had the right to impose, since it is a secular state and do not want people to completely hide their faces on the streets. This in the wake of constant terror threats in Europe. Note that the French did not ban the Muslim scarves, which the women are free to wear in the French streets.

Nevertheless, it was seen by many as a first step in France’s turn of page. The true face of France was seen with its bait to Russia in the Libyan war. We have covered this on many occasions, including in the Benghazi Affair story on Sarkozy pleaded with the Russians to vote a UN resolution for a ‘no-fly-zone’ over Libya during the Libyan revolt in 2011.

It then turned out to be a no-no-fly-zone, but a bombing zone resolution, under which the French joined the British and the Americans as well as Arab nations in fighting the Muammar Gaddafi regime, leading to the murder of the Libyan leader and thousands of his supporters. France became part and parcel of the anti-Muslim cabal under Sarkozy.

A YouGov study conducted in 2013 indicated that 45 percent of respondents support the French military strategy to eradicate terrorist cells in Mali. In the past 10 years or so, France has been involved in many wars.

Under Sarkozy and President François Hollande, France has participated in 3 major conflicts. Besides the Libya and Mali ones, there was also the Côte d’Ivoire conflict.

Hollande has recently announced that France military intervention in Mali, is coming to an end and the 4,000 French soldiers from Mali will begin their retreat in April.

However, the danger is that Hollande – whose popularity saw a slight rebound with the French Mali intervention and will surely spike with his successful manhunt of the terror suspects who attacked the Charlie Hebdo weekly – may now turn to military means to deal with what Europe and the West sees as ‘Islamic terror’.

Now, rumours are that there may be a Russian connection to the attack against Charlie Hebdo.

LifeNews, a mainstream Russian TV news channel aired an interview of its regular ‘expert political analyst’ Alexei Martynov who suggested the US were behind the attack. Reason: It was carried out by US intelligence agencies to pressure French President Francois Hollande into maintaining Western economic sanctions against Russia.

Four days ago, Hollande had stated that Russian sanctions should be lifted. He actually said: “Western sanctions on Russia to be lifted if progress is made in talks on the Ukraine conflict this month.”

Hollande said Russian President Vladimir Putin “doesn’t want to annex eastern Ukraine – he told me that”.

Germany’s vice-chancellor has warned against further sanctions on Russia. Chancellor Merkel is also said to be against widespread and new sanctions against Russia.

But then why attack Charlie Hebdo? Why send Muslims to attack the paper?

With the facts now known, the Charlie Hebdo editorial team decimated and France on the verge of a crusade against ‘extremist Muslims’, what does Russia sanctions has to do with all this?

It will be up to Hollande to keep up to his words. That is force the EU to lift the sanctions against Russia, which will not be impossible to achieve despite the tilting balance against Islam in France.

Next, Hollande will still have to keep his words to unite the country and fight Islamic extremism in France and abroad. Meaning more military incursions in Muslim nations.

The question is to what extent will France go in its rage to rip Islam apart, to avenge Charlie Hebdo?


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