CH Profile: Suicidal attempt at turning France against Islam

CH Profile: Suicidal attempt at turning France against Islam

January 12, 2015 0 By User


The Paris rally against terrorism, seen as a pro-CH affair by some, is actually a meeting of top world leaders on how to halt ‘Islamic terror.’

The Charlie Hebdo team, particularly the main leaders of the editorial board, were adamant that they will continue to defile the Prophet of Islam stating clearly this was their prime mission.
Now that CH has been successful in its mission to turn the EU against a faction of the Muslims – something which the war on terror led by the US failed to achieve in general – expect a full brunt against ‘armed Muslims’.
The Paris rally against terrorism, seen as a pro-CH affair by some, is actually a meeting of top world leaders on how to halt ‘Islamic terror.’
One should expect a new form of ‘International’ effort to tackle Muslims who carry guns across the world. See a heightened offensive against the ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other para-military or militant armed groups.
In their speeches, the various leaders made it clear the world had to stop such terror acts, while it had to unite to protect freedom of expression – which includes the right by CH to defile the Prophet of Islam.
This also means protecting CH and other media from attacking the jewish community.
It also means the Muslim communities across the world will be under pressure to accept the ‘international cohorts’ theories against armed militants.
Their secondary mission, they said, was not to defend their freedom of expression, but to challenge the Muslim extremists to come and get them while they were ready to die standing.
A profiling of the de-facto editor in chief of CH, Stephane Charbonnier or Charb will lead one to understand that he was ‘suicidal’ and on a mission to a larger impact of his publication in Europe.
Charbonnier knew the day would come when he would be killed, he stated that in various video statements, or interviews.
The videos give the impression that he was defying potential attackers, similar to the Al-Qaeda videos that taunts the Americans or the westerners.

Jeannette Bougrab claim to be a former Muslim, was apparently the concubine of Charb, living together for the past three years.
Bougrab served as the junior minister for Youth and Community Life from 14 November 2010 to 10 May 2012 and is a member of the UMP party.
She blamed the lack of security for the reason of the attack on the CH editorial team.
Most important of all, she verified claims that Charb ‘knew’ he would be killed for the offensive cartoons against Islam, but was defiant – refusing to leave Paris or France – and thought he would get round the clock protection against the attackers.

The Plot Thickens

The plot thickened during the weekend, with the massive rally (conservative newspapers claim one million people marched in Paris, while extremely excited European stations claim 3.7 million people marched) that assembled some world leaders.
Among them, and most prominent was Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who spoke of terrorism as if it was a one way ticket: Radical Islam he said, was the enemy, not ‘ordinary Islam’.
However, his message was clearly anti-Iran, though Iran had nothing to do with the CH massacre.
Nevertheless, Netanyahu called upon the ‘world’ to join Israel to fight Islamic radicals in a globalised war that seems to be in the making. The presence of Israel’s PM at the rally cements Israel’s role as a world leader in the war against armed Islamic militants.
One knows very well that when Israel decides something, the rest of the West will follow. Fears in France are the French regime will bow to Israel, and fall into the CH trap.
With such a thick plot now in play, and most of the European world ready to target what they are calling ‘radical’ or ‘extremist Muslims’, expect a massive onslaught against those who would have showed some sympathy to the Kouachi brothers.
The two brothers were killed in France, after a brief stand-off against the police, following their attack on the CH HQ that killed 10 of the editors and cartoonists.