Bukit Bintang restaurant owner deported for ISIS links

September 29, 2016 0 By WFTV

A 37-year-old Bangladeshi, owner of a restaurant in Bukit Bintang, the popular tourist spot in Kuala Lumpur, was arrested and deported for suspected involvement in smuggling weapons for terrorist groups.
Police Inspector-General Khalid Abu Bakar said in a statement, which did not reveal the name of the suspect, the Bangladeshi expatriate who they arrested last month and later deported used to meet his countrymen at his restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and plan terrorist attacks.
The restaurant owner is said to be Peyar Ahmed Akash, 37, who used his restaurant Rasana Bilash in Bukit Bintang as a meeting place for terrorists.
A former Shibir leader and brother-in-law of Feni district unit Jamaat-e-Islami’s Nayeb-e-Amir Abu Yusuf, Akash was arrested a decade ago in Bangladesh for arms trading. He later left the country securing bail with the help of Yusuf.
“The country’s [Malaysian] authorities believe that the suspected person planned a terrorist attack in Bangladesh. And he also used to meet his countrymen for that reason,” a source told Dhaka Tribune.
Akash was arrested in Kuala Lumpur on August 19 for smuggling weapons for an international terror group and deported to Bangladesh on September 2.
Malaysian police have arrested four people in total for suspected links to terrorism between Aug 2 and Sep 17, including three foreigners who have since been deported.
A Nepali citizen who managed an entertainment outlet was also arrested under suspicion of falsifying travel documents for use by members of international terror groups.
A Moroccan man also arrested and is suspected to be member of Islamic State. He had previously been detained by Turkish authorities after attempting to smuggle into Syria, police said.
The fourth suspect is a Malaysian who had been working as the personal chauffeur for a businessman.
He is believed to be linked to Muhammad Wanndy Mohamad Jedy – who police say have been actively promoting the activities of Islamic State on his Facebook page.