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The Mauritian government has responded to the British government’s statement made to the UK Parliament on Nov 16, 2016. The statement stipulates in all impunity the US presence in the Chagos Archipelago (Diego Garcia nuclear base is part of the Chagos), under current arrangements with the UK will continue until 2036.
This statement alone confirms the UK’s and the USA’s adamant and illegal rule over the Island that definitely belongs to the Republic of Mauritius.
The Mauritius government, in a statement on Thursday, said lambasted the UK government for acting in blatant breach of the letter and spirit of the Award delivered on 18 March 2015 in the case brought by Mauritius against the UK under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea,
“The UK has failed to fully involve Mauritius, as required by the Award, in the renewed use, until 2036, of the Chagos Archipelago for the purposes for which it is currently being used,” said the Mauritius government.
The Government of Mauritius reaffirms that the Chagos Archipelago has always formed and continues to form an integral part of the territory of Mauritius and that it does not recognise the so-called “British Indian Ocean Territory”.
The communique said the government of Mauritius wishes to reiterate that it does not also recognise the legality of the actions that the UK has purported, or is purporting, to take in respect of the Chagos Archipelago as they are in breach of international law.
“This includes, but is not limited to, the unilateral decisions purportedly taken by the UK Government with regard to resettlement in the Chagos Archipelago and the continuation of the UK-US agreement in respect of the Chagos Archipelago until 2036,” it said.
The Government of Mauritius also reiterates that the denial of the right of Mauritians in general, and those of Chagossian origin in particular, to settle in the Chagos Archipelago is a manifest breach of international law and outrageously flouts their human rights.
“While any financial assistance could provide some relief to Mauritians of Chagossian origin, no amount of money and no public apology by the UK Government can make lawful what is unlawful, or dilute the rights of Mauritius under international law and as reflected in the various resolutions of the United Nations,” it said.
The UK has offered a pittance amounting to £40 million that it says, will be funded over the next 10 years by the UK Government, to support improvements to the livelihoods of the Chagossians.
It also said in no uncertain terms, the Chagossians (people of Chagos) will never be allowed to return to their homeland.
As such, Mauritius is gearing up to complete the process of decolonisation, which is now on the agenda of the current session of the UN General Assembly, with a view to putting the matter before the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion.
This is how the Western allies treats small nations, which they bully and they steal from!