Immigration ban stopped – Trump should watch out!

Immigration ban stopped – Trump should watch out!

January 29, 2017 0 By WFTV



Trump’s immigration ban has been banned and blocked by federal judge.

A federal judge in Seattle has temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry into the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries.

US District Judge James Robert, who was appointed by President George Bush in 2003, issued a temporary restraining order against the Trump administration’s restrictions, ruling that the ban would be immediately stopped nationwide, said

It halts Trump’s executive order. A setback to Trump!

Latest: A judge in USA has blocked part of the Trump’s immigration ban executive order saying sending back people on arrival could cause them more harm.

This is the first setback to a Trump’s executive order. Trump should brace for more setbacks.

THE USA has started a ban that impacts Muslims entering the country. For now, the ban concerns seven nations. They are Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Somalia and Iraq.
Initially, the ban was to bar refugees from the seven nations – but it actually bans more than 134 million people from entering the United States.
The ban is valid for at least the next 90 days and was made possible through executive orders signed by President Donald Trump. It is renewable.
This is the case in many countries, where refugees are not allowed to enter after the massive flux of refugees coming from mainly the Arab world into the European Union or the EU.
Thus, America is taking a leaf from the EU sanctions against the flux of refugees.
It is also part of their plan to ban the Mexicans and the Southern Americans from entering the USA.
For that matter, they are building a wall on the border between the USA and Mexico and it said it will solve the migration problem at this end.
Nevertheless, Muslims from the seven nations are now being barred by airlines from flying to the USA. This is causing a row, people are angry and growling against the executive order but Trump said today the ban is working well so far.
Buy the way. Trump has married migrant women. And our picture tells it all.
Perhaps, the next executive order will be to ban the migrant wives who leave or divorces their husbands? Trump, watch out!