HOW WE SEE IT: Disruptive Trump faces isolation

Kuala Lumpur — From Iran, to Australia and with the tech companies’ legal brief opposing his ‘Muslim ban’, US President Donald Trump is stealing the headlines, but his rogue mannerism may see him end up in isolation while in power.
Though no one could predict the backlash against Trump from the judges on his immigration ban, the President is definitely learning how things work in Washington.
We have the impression that Trump will fire anyone who will stand on his path, and he will probably flush out the Republican congressmen and senators who are bound to go against him on his agenda.
The next thing he will do, and that is almost certain, will be to pressure Judges and impose his own people in the top judiciary posts, with the single aim that his big media frenzied executive order signings does not get reversed again, and again.
Wall Street
After Trump is settled with his personal urgent matters – as per above – he will set sight on Wall Street.
After ousting President Barack Obama – naturally, that is – Trump made a so-called U-turn on his promises to clean the Wall Street swamp that has caused ‘tremendous problems’ to the people.
He signed an executive order to dismantle Obama’s financial regulations in the first place, but this was done in the heavy presence of Wall Street’s richest and famous.
He nominated a former number two executive of Goldman Sachs as his administration’s financial deregulator.
He promised to break the biggest banks. But he had seated next to him while he signed the executive order against Obama’s financial regulations, Wall Street’s mega-billionaire Stephen Schwarzman.
Also at the table was Wall Street’s best-known CEO: Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, whom Trump said was well placed to inform him about the Obama’s financial regulations.
Underestimating Trump
However, we think no one should underestimate Trump.
Trump’s executive order may have kicked off the process of rolling back the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, but it is no brainer that he will have to ‘regulate’ the sector with his own rules.
And that is where he will surely put his hands in the pockets and on the table of the Wall Street players, to give back to the people what they have lost. That is people power over their own finances, which Trump seems to believe has been offset to Wall Street big bankers.
Wall Street played along with Trump on this executive order, but will they play along with him when he start to act rogue towards them?
There is no certainty to what Trump might implement or not with his new regulatory framework, but it is obvious that he will have a shocker for everyone.
From Dallas to isolationism
Trump’s Dallas show is not over, yet, but it will be coming soon to an end sooner or later and this will be the time when Trump will either run out of executive orders or will find out that both the Senate and the Congress might not be on his side.
Elections to replace half the Senate and the Congress will take place in two year’s time and if we follow historical patterns, the Democrats may make a comeback and control one or both of these houses.
This is when the pain will begin for Trump and his isolation at the Presidency will be felt on a global stage.

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