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Why is Europe the sick man of the century?

And what can be the solutions that European leaders could bring forward to salvage a union that made history when it was formed decades ago?

We are not going to delve into the what went wrong with the EU in the course of its history, a long history for any form of union that has for several decades, grouped most of Europe into one entity.

Thus, we ran the current clash of political powers in Europe in particular through our powerful analytical barometers.

And here is the truth about what made Europe the sick man of the globe!

The result of this brain storming on the European Union and its woes was astonishing.

Firstly, we have to analyse what are the Europeans searching in the current global situation of conflicts around the world and the state of economic dishevelment in the Eurozone.

There is no doubt that the extreme right wing is gaining grounds on perfectly legitimate arguments. These arguments used in other parts of the world, like in Singapore for example, would hold sway among the political elite and solutions would be found immediately to stem the rise of anti-government, and anti-establishment sentiments.

Secondly, the traditional political parties are struggling because they are passé and they are fighting against the dynamics of real politics in their societies with archaic reasoning. This is not good for the rest of the world.

But the situation is not irreversible, if they tweak their philosophy and adapt it to the needs of their people, instead the needs of say, the migrants and the refugees, and focus their battlefront on reversing the economic doldrums they are in, they could be in for another good run.

Currently, they seem to have abandoned the views and the needs of their people by putting upfront the battle for equality in their countries, among aliens and the Europeans who are grumbling because of a system failure in the Eurozone.

As a result of this policy stance, more Europeans are getting weary of their government’s forcing this view on the people.

Hence they are turning towards the like of Marine Le Pen, and Gert Wilders – two of the most extreme right figures in the European scene.

The analysis also shows that the right wing is advanced in its political campaign.

In fact, it is far more advanced in its arguments that it is grabbing attention at home, and abroad.

Far Right’s Views

The far right is saying the following:

1. It has reasons to fight for the rights of the white people against the influx of aliens on its soil

2. To the white people, Europe does not need more religious divide. For them they are right that there is no equality in the religious debate since the alien influx is largely Islamic

3. White male supremacy is a European right but the socialist and the centre right agendas has chipped away in the ‘white is right’ theology in Europe

Now, if we take these into lightly, the answer to these arguments would be classic.

One would say the Europeans are the proponents of a ‘global’ world that would be a global village where everybody would live happily ever after in unison. A fairy tale, would say the right-wing extremists in Europe.

And they are right

But, if the right wing arguments are taken seriously, and acted upon by the current liberal leaders of the Eurozone, they could win the fringe voters and break the supremacist grip to some extent.

The common response across the EU could be as follows:

A. The alien invasion – which actually on a very low scale, is an economic necessity as it will help fill the lower income job level in Europe.

But the Europeans must change the rules to make it impossible for job takers to become permanent residents. Widen the scale and many in the supremacist camp will fall for it and fall off the racist agenda.

Furthermore, the white people must be told they are free to travel to any countries in the world, generally speaking they travel visa-free as a result of the age of colonisation.

Besides, the non-whites can’t enter Europe without visa and cash in hand!

B. On a salary scale, the white people are still the biggest earners and they must be made to understand that the gap between their pay checks and that of the aliens will remain wide.

The ruling factions that are not supremacist and want a peaceful world to live in, as everybody seems to have that in mind, should then keep increasing the gap by leaving the high paid jobs in the hands of the Europeans (whites) and putting the aliens in the low-wage circle.

C. Then, there is the male-female gap issues in the world of the Neanderthal.

Practical solutions?

The real challenge in Europe is to close the gap between men and women and see that their earnings are at par or closer still. This is still a taboo issue in the EU, but it must be addressed by the leadership in order to calm the nerves of the females who are seeking to overthrow them and replace them with supremacists.

Solve this and it will bring more supremacist supporters to abandon their thoughts.

On the question of religious inequality will become a fallacy once the Eurozone realises that it has to curb on what the supremacists are calling the dangers of religious penetration in its midst.

It can handle this problem by simply refusing additional permanent residential rights to non-white-non-Christians, that is to the large number of refugees and migrants who are of Muslim faith.

Last, but not least, it will have to win the trust of the supremacist flock by showing that it is willing to engage the Arab-Muslims nations in particular on the issue of religious freedom.

Which will be a diplomatic effort, indeed.

Then only, maybe, Europe may slowly recover from its hiccups and stop being the sick man of the world, at last!


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