EU MP’s calls for ban of Israeli clubs

More than 60 representatives of the European Parliament have demanded that Israeli football clubs (6 in total)  should be banned from the Israeli football league since they are playing within the ‘occupied Palestinian’ territories in the West Bank.

This is not the first time groups of European lawmakers have written to soccer’s world governing body FIFA for that matter. They have been pressing FIFA since 2016.


They also urged FIFA that these teams be excluded from competitions organized by FIFA or the Israeli Football Federation.

As for FIFA confirmed the existence of the letter and will respond to it in due course.

The organization met its supervisory committee last Wednesday at its headquarters in Zurich.

The two presidents of the Israeli and Palestinian federations were present, as were representatives of UEFA and the Asian Football Association. Recommendations have been made, according to the Blick, but more will be learned at the FIFA Congress in Bahrain next May.

Israel has built another apartheid system in Occupied Palestine and the European MP’s are asking FIFA to be fair and reject the Israeli teams.

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