Why Trump’s mother of all bomb confirms his dangerous isolation

Why Trump’s mother of all bomb confirms his dangerous isolation

April 15, 2017 0 By WFTV

By Kazi Mahmood

In a January article, Worldfuturetv.com said US President Donald Trump’s inconsistency and unpredictability would isolate him at the White House.

This month, we said he is under intense pressure from his military advisers and from the Pentagon to take bolder steps – that is take military actions – on the international front.

Well, it looks like we were absolutely right on his isolation certainly after losing the battle on ObamaCare, and failing to push for his own ‘TrumpIDon’tCare’ medical bill.

Then came the challenges he faced on the international scene, which has since then pressed him to violate his own vows of putting ‘America First’. 

And we were once again, absolutely right on the pressures borne on him to act like a commander in chief and to show America’s military might.

But this show of force only reinforces the fact that Trump, after barely 100 days in office, is increasingly isolated and is now a pawn in the military game of the Pentagon, and of the military industry lobby.

We have to remark that Trump used the military options against Syria and Afghanistan after his failure to strike a deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom he tired to corrupt with a questionable deal in which China would get better trade bargains if Beijing were to crackdown on North Korea’s nuclear buildup.


Now, after the ‘successful’ launch of the three cornerstones of the new American military strategy over the globe, which is as follows:

  1. Encircling North Korea with a US military Armada ready to take actions if North Korea violates some verbal policy changes by the Trump administration
  2. Bombing Syrian President Bashar Assad’s troops and airport in a show of support for the rebels and a sign of exasperation over the failed US attempt for regime change
  3. The dropping of the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) – that has awed most of the free press around the world – on defenceless Afghanistan

All three actions, while they simply destroy the ‘America First’ pledge, they now put the new ‘axis of evil’ of the Trump presidency in action.

It is obvious that Trump is – by nature – a lone wolf, an isolationist who can perform at his best when he is on top of the hill watching over the rest with piercing eyes.

But the White House is a different ball game.

It does not allow a lone wolf to rummage among the kills of the night that feeds the frenzied groupies, and this is where Trump will grow even more dangerous for the world, and for America.


In the current global context, it is very dangerous for a US president to allow himself to be at the mercy of the military establishment.

The military vultures have not had their way, mostly, under the Barack Obama presidency the latter being rather unwilling to dispose of his enemies on the battle fields in South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with boots on the ground, or even with Tomahawks.

They now have Trump on their side, or rather within their paws, a situation that will end up in a conflict in one of the three foreign policy cornerstones laid down by Trump since last week.

In future articles, we will tell how a direct confrontation against North Korea might sign the death knoll of the Trump presidency, but we think we have another three to four months before we can see realtime military actions against Pyongyang.

However, things might take a sudden turn, knowing Trump’s U-turns and reversals and topsy-turvy decision making processess.

This is where the danger of being Donal Trump might become a deadly play on the military front and a darkness might suddenly engulf the globe.


If Trump were to decide to drop a MOAB on North Korea, not only it may trigger a massive Chinese invasion of the South China Sea against all odds, it may also trigger a realignment of the political and military forces on the globe.

A solo action by the US against North Korea will definitely be condemned by the European Union and will get the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to be weary of its American allies’ trigger happy solutions, or at least this is what we think will happen in that case.

It might also – most probably – cause another Chinese chain reaction: And that will be to enter North Korea and activate its age-old military deal with Pyongyang, a deal that the world seems to have obliterated from its memory.

The treaty, named the ‘Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty’ was sealed in July 1961 under the Prime Ministership of Zhou Enlai.

There is Specifically, Article 2 of the treaty that declares the two nations guarantee to adopt immediately all necessary measures to oppose any country or coalition of countries that might attack either nation.

Trump is in for a bloody mouth if he thinks North Korea is isolated and that the rest of the world will sit back in the event of another MOAB drop, or a Tomahawk attack.

Trump should also learn that despite North Korea’s successive nuclear tests, China’s policies toward its neighbor have hardly shifted, and that means Trump will get a red-fist on the face (literally speaking) if he attempts to mess with the tiny little communist brother.

And there is the Russia,Iran,China and North Korea Military Alliance.

What does that mean?

It is called the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), or Shanghai Pact, is a Eurasian political, economic, and military organisation which was founded in 2001 in Shanghai, in 2001.

It appears that Trump is living on a hill, far off from the other worlds, where he sees the signage Trump Tower but he does not know what lies beneath the horizon.

But we are living in dangerous times again, with Trump letting the military hooligans from the Pentagon encircling him and the White House with the smell of gun powder.

They are probably telling him that the world needs to feel the American brutal force, before he can put his own house in order on the Hill.