EXCLUSIVE: India advises Mauritian PM to dissolve Parliament

EXCLUSIVE: India advises Mauritian PM to dissolve Parliament

June 8, 2017 16 By WFTV

India is a close ally of the Mauritius Republic and Modi is seen increasingly pulling Mauritius towards the Indian geopolitical sphere

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A friendly nation to Mauritius, India, has apparently advised Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to dissolve the Parliament and to go for snap polls.

This was revealed to Worldfuturetv.com by a source close to the matter, who said the Indian authorities have carried out a survey on the prospects of a snap poll in Mauritius.

The survey was conducted by the Indian agency which studied the May 1 rallies of the ruling coalition, and that of the opposition parties.

The survey was on the sentiments with regards the political parties in the country, and their chances in a snap poll.

The first probability by the agency shows the MMM with Paul Berenger as Prime Minister and Pradeep Jiya or Ajay Ganesh, the party will not get more than 22 seats.

But if the MMM with Berenger as PM and Madan Dulloo as deputy PM, the party may snatch victory and come to power with at least 38 to 44 seats.

About the PMSD, if the party were to run for elections with a Hindu Prime Ministerial candidate, it would probably get no more than 38-40 seats.

But if the party would go to the polls with Xavier Luc Duval as PM candidate, it may win only 22-23 seats.


The survey did not say which Hindu candidate the PMSD is looking at, but indications were given that it might be a lawyer who is a member of the local social circles including the Arya Sabha.

As for the MSM, in any scenario, the party is given a maximum of 4 seats.

However, Worldfuturetv understood that the Indian regime would probably broker a deal between several parties – perhaps in a bid to salvage Jugnauth as PM but this information is not confirmed.

The details of the survey were revealed to Jugnauth during his trip to India last month, a trip during which he was supposed to be unaccompanied.

But New Delhi advised him to allow his deputy, Ivan Collendavelloo Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and Public Utilities to accompany him as they had to discuss the potential of a collapse of the current ruling coalition, which would be disadvantageous to the Indian government.

In the discussions, Worldfuturetv were told, Jugnauth was informed that his party had very little chances of surviving the current political pressure that is building up in the country following a series of missteps by the coalition that ousted the Labour Party-Movement Militant Mauricien (LP-MMM) coalition in 2014.

According to the source, the Indian authorities would have advised Jugnauth to table the budget – which is due today – and to dissolve the Parliament after the budget is voted.

“They were told this was the best way to salvage the MSM as the party would face a backlash in a snap poll,” the source said.


The poll is to be organised between June and December this year, the source said.

The source said the Indian government told Jugnauth to let whoever wins the next elections to run the show as a collapse of his government would have an irreparable impact on his political career.

The need for an immediate poll in Mauritius might become inevitable with at least one cabinet minister who is close to the Jugnauth family, facing a series of accusations that would soon be published.

If the minister were to fall, as these accusations are bound to be published in the local printed media in Port Louis, the government of Pravind Jugnauth will become unstable.

Sources said an informant has a video showing the said minister – who is high in the government hierarchy – taking bribes from a foreigner and it revolves around a project in Mauritius.

It is thus apparent that India might want a stronger government to take power and their choices might fall between the PMSD with a Hindu candidate or a return of the MMM party.

The source said the Labour Party would only get 6-8 seats in any elections due to the deteriorated image of Navin Ramgoolam.