India wants regime change in Port Louis

India wants regime change in Port Louis

June 9, 2017 1 By User

Sumitra Mahajan, a BJP member, acted as Modi’ ears and eyes during the Budget speech in the Parliament

A source told New Delhi is expecting a change of regime in Port Louis, sooner than anyone would expect and the reasons given are as explosive as the survey published by us on Thursday.

It is also made clear to us that Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth is aware of New Delhi’s intentions and that polls will have to be called for before the end of this year.

However, could not verify the whether India has roped the Mauritian Prime Minister in a deal, or not.

But what we can ascertain is that Jugnauth might not be a stranger to the fact that the Indian government is expecting him to lose his post in a controlled manner, in order to allow a new government to take over, but this information could also not be verified immediately.

We can state without any doubt though that New Delhi has a firm grip on the situation in Port Louis, but that can change anytime in the eventuality of a sudden collapse of the Jugnauth regime. can also state without any doubt that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not giving any space to the current regime in Port-Louis.

On Thursday, Jugnauth presented his budget under the watchful eyes of Sumitra Mahajan, the Speaker of the Indian Parliament sent to Mauritius as Modi’s observer.

On the other hand, there is also the fact that there exist a split within the party of Jugnauth, the Movement Socialist Militant (MSM) with one wing supporting the latter while another wing is for him to step down.

This split came as a result of the ascension of Jugnauth as Premier following the resignation of his father, the elderly statesman Sir Anerood Jugnauth who is credited for the massive poll victory of the MSM and its allies in 2014.

Nonetheless, the eventuality of a breakdown of the MSM into factions that could result in the fall of the regime of Pravind Jugnauth does not augur well for India.

This case scenario disturbs Modi’s entourage as it would also influence the foreign policies of Mauritius, something the Indian government cannot allow at this moment for security reasons, the source said.

More to come.