What happened before Berenger became Prime Minister!

MMM leader, Paul Berenger, is seen as Mr Clean by India
This is a story about a day in the history of the MMM.
Since we have all the indication some high profile members of the Mauritius opposition party the Movement Militant Mauritius (MMM) is putting up a full documentation on and on its owner, we thought it might be useful to run some historical truths about these members in question.
During the 2000-2005 mandate of the then Movement Socialist Militant (MSM)-MMM, three cabinet ministers participated in the Indian Diaspora Bharatiya Divas.
The Bharatiya Divas is celebrated in India on 9 January every year as an annual event for the Indian diaspora.
When they came back to Mauritius, two ministers resigned to join opposition lead by Navin Ramgoolam, leader of the Labour party.
Labour won the 2005 elections.
One of the former MMM men was nominated minister by Ramgoolam and he is Anil Baichoo, said to be a potential leader of the Labour Party today.
The other one was called to assume the high commission head to India, and this was Rajesh Choonee.
The third one remained faithful to his leader, Paul Berenger but he has since then gone into a specialisation that is well known among the MMM members.
This is Pradeep Jeeha, said a source to
The source said Jeeha participated in the Diaspora but came back to continue giving his support to the MMM and to Berenger.
No problem there, since we believe loyalty is a rare quality in today’s world.
But the information we are gleaning now is that their mission to India was only to seek assistance from Indian top shots ‘NOT TO LET PAUL R. BERENGER’ swear in as Prime Minister.
That is after Sir Anerood Jugnauth’s resignation, during which Berenger was to be anointed as PM as per the working arrangements of the MSM-MMM that was sealed in a last minute deal.
Of course, that information would have been given to Berenger and SAJ at that time, and they would have thwarted the attempt to stop Berenger from becoming the first non-Hindu PM of this beautiful country.
Pradeep Jeeha is today the Deputy leader of MMM but according to the survey revealed by on Thursday, he has little chance of boosting the party’s game in the next elections.
The same goes for Ajay Guness who is also, according to the said survey, not in a position to boost the party’s chance in the event of an election.
“They are causing more harm than good to the party,” said the source based in New Delhi.

On top of that, the survey has created a sense of unease in the local political sphere, with many among the political elite discussing their future, while some are furious that they were shown as useless.

In the case of the MMM, the name Madan Dulloo came crashing in on the hopes of people like Jeeha and Guness.
It is obvious though, that if a survey says a candidate like Dulloo can pull the crowd and give the MMM a comfortable lead in the elections, then of what use are the others who are thinking they would save their seats and earn a living as an MP?
Madan Dulloo is not a favourite among some MMM members.
He was once the deputy to SAJ and at that time, he was a direct competitor to the former Mauritius strongman.
When the MMM-MSM lost the elections – which was partly due to infighting within the MMM, Dulloo lost his political steam.
Since then, he has seen his day in the desert and learned many things in between only to be a resurgent leader in the MMM under the wing of Berenger this time.
This does not augur good for the likes of Guness and Jeeha and the survey does not make it any easier for them!
Sources said Jeeha was not in favour of Dulloo in the 2014 elections.
This back-biting has infected the MMM for some time now, and it is probable that some names will be dropped before the next GE as the party cannot afford losing more votes and seats in the elections.
For example, Dulloo is known for having widespread influence in several constituencies, such as those of number 4,6,7,9,10 and 12.
He is also strong in the south among tea planters and small and medium farmers, where he is well received by the crowd who remembers his tenure as Minister of Agriculture in the past.
There is no doubt on his capacity to win seats for the MMM.
This compared to Jeeha, who has lost his seat and since then has moved to three constitutions and has not won in any of them.
This is barely the traits of a crowd-puller for the MMM.
The same goes for Guness who is known in one constituency only and has no influence in other areas where the MMM could need such expertise and popularity to win more seats in the future.

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