New Delhi anxious over Privy Council verdict, presses for snap polls

New Delhi anxious over Privy Council verdict, presses for snap polls

June 22, 2017 0 By WFTV

PM Jugnauth haunted by a case that is lingering on his rule

With the Supreme Court ruling today allowing the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to challenge Prime Minister (PM) Pravind Jugnauth’s acquittal over a corruption case at the Pricy Council, our sources said New Delhi is anxious for this case to be over with.
The source told WorldfutureTV there was high expectancy the supreme court would reverse the earlier acquittal that shocked the Island nation.
“The Indian government expected the PM to be in trouble in the corruption case with the DPP’s appeal,” said the source.
Foreign nations, friends of Mauritius sees a Prime Minister charged for corruption as a stumbling block.
The PM is criticised for approving the reallocation of funds of Rs 144.7 million to MedPoint company in which his sister is a shareholder, while he was finance minister.
The case rocked the nation at the time when the then Prime Minister Navin Chandra Ramgoolam booted the younger Jugnauth from his cabinet, resulting in the Movement Militant Mauricien (MSM) breaking its alliance with the Labour Party.
Our source from New Delhi also told us the local political parties are all gearing up for a snap poll, with the Parti Mauricien Social Democrat (PMSD) and the Movement Militant Mauricien (MMM) ready to galvanise their support base.
The Labour Party, we are told, will call for a Press Conference to explain its position after the Supreme Court verdict, but we were not informed when the conference will be held.
However, the party is definitely not in favour of Jugnauth remaining in power under the suspicion of corruption.

MMM Political Bureau
The MMM, in its weekly Political Bureau meeting, will be discussing the steps the party will take in the wake of the landmark judgement at the Supreme Court. a judgement that could press harder on Jugnauth to consider India’s offer for a snap poll to salvage his political career.
WorldfutureTv said last week New Delhi is pressing for regime change in Mauritius and has even set a deadline – between June and December this year – for Jugnauth to dissolve the Parliament and call for a snap poll.
The veteran opposition leader, Paul Berenger of the MMM this week called upon the PM to dissolve the Parliament and allow a new and responsible team to take over the helm in Mauritius.
He said this was necessary before the next year’s budget in order to allow a new government to redress the situation and study the budget deeply before proceeding with its implementation.

MMM deputy leader
Nevertheless, sources told WorldfutureTv the deputy leader of the MMM is also pressing for his case with Mr Berenger within the party.
Jeeha is said to have informed the party’s Political Bureau of his close ties with India, rubbishing our reports on his political future.
“Letters were sent to India to urge the government in New Delhi to back a Berenger-Jeeha tandem in the event of snap polls,” the source told us.
Today, Chief Judge Keshoe Parsad Matadeen and Judge Ashraf Caunhye made their decision this morning by granting the Leave to Appeal to the DPP to challenge before the Queen’s Privy Council the acquittal of Pravind Jugnauth in the case Medpoint.
Pravind Jugnauth was convicted of a conflict of interest on 30 June 2015 before the Intermediate Court, which resulted in him being sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, subsequently commuted to 90 hours of community service. He was subsequently acquitted on appeal.