Labour wooing Bodha in MSM break-up spectre

Labour wooing Bodha in MSM break-up spectre

June 27, 2017 0 By User

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The spectre of a break-up of the MSM is looming ahead of the Privy Council ruling on whether Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth committed corruption during his mandate as a deputy Prime Minister.

Sources close to the political landscape in Mauritius told our New Delhi correspondent to expect a break-up of the MSM of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.

The source said if the Labour Party succeeds in its move to persuade members of the MSM to quit the party now, a break-up will be on the cards.

This is due to heavy lobbying from a major political formation in the opposition, the Labour Party, which is campaigning within the corridors of power to woo Ministers and MSM members to quit and join its formation.

At this moment, Labour is said to be on the look out for a new leadership lineup, and it has approached Ministers and A high ranking Civil Servant to jump ship while it is still time.

Among the ministers, the name of Nando Bodha is persistently spoken of though there are no indications whether the minister is willing to cross-over to the Labour.

Nevertheless, there are talks of rifts among the Labour and MSM leadership altogether.

Some in the MSM is said to be weary that the PM is still holding on to power in the wake of the Privy Council ruling expected within months. 

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