Berenger’s blunder in following Boolell’s strategy

Berenger’s blunder in following Boolell’s strategy

July 10, 2017 0 By WFTV

Mauritius is living in tough times, with a government that is accused of corrupt practices and of covering for a Prime Minister in a corruption case while they face the risk of losing international support.

But the worst is still on the cards if a plot by some party insiders succeeds in their plot to deviate the current state of anti-regime sentiment in the country into a ‘communal’ rot.

The Labour Party or PTR is facing its own dilemma with the current leader Navin Ramgoolam sticking to the top post despite being flatly defeated in the last general elections.

In a clear demise of the democratic process in the party, no one could actually oppose the ‘great leader’ who thus remains in power albeit he is out of the Parliament.

Thus a movement has surfaced within the PTR – which is gaining traction among the anti-Ramgoolam outfit headed by Arvind Boolell – and they are using the upcoming by-election as a means to push their agenda forward.

The trouble is they might just succeed.

The biggest opposition party – based on the results of the last General Elections – the MMM is seen playing into the hands of this movement that is pushing Boolell at the forefront.

This movement has the support of some members of the MMM’s central committee which is deciding on their candidate for the by-election this Monday.

The MMM is prepared to vote for Rita Jaddoo, the daughter of Ramdath Jaddoo a die-hard MMM figure.

But our sources from New Delhi says Rita Jaddoo has very little chances of defeating Arvind Boolell in the elections, leaving the PTR member clearly as a potential winner.

Our source said Paul Berenger the MMM leader has been made to understand that his support was needed to weed out Ramgoolam from the Labour party and to achieve this, Boolell would need all the support to win the by-elections.

With Berenger supporting the candidacy of Rita Jaddoo – according to our source within the MMM – the path will be easier for Boolell to defeat Roshi Badhain from the Reform Party.

But there is a bigger game at play in this scenario, WorldfutureTv was told.

Battle of the Hindu leadership

It is the weeding out of three strong Hindu leaders from the political arena.

It will not be easy for Boolell to challenge Ramgoolam from within the party if he is not in Parliament and losing the by-election will all but condemn him into political retirement.

If he wins, chances are that Ramgoolam will be ousted from the party’s leadership. That will mean one down for the pro-Boolell camp.

But there will still be two to go and they will be the end of the game for Pravind Jugnauth as PM – which might just happen soon with the Privy Council.

If that were to be the case, it would be two down for the Boolell camp.

As an automatic response, Berenger’s support for Boolell in the by-election will weaken the chances for Madan Dulloo to rise at the moment in the next general elections.

As is it, New Delhi seems confident that Madan Dulloo as the deputy Prime Minister under Paul Berenger in the next polls may result in an MMM victory.

Hence, Berenger’s move to kill Vijay Makhan’s chances to fight it off and possibly winning against Boolell would be a terrible political mishap.

Makhan is seen as an obvious choice by pundits who told WorldfutureTv the MMM would stand to gain more in this scenario as it risks reviving the Labour’s chances with its tacit support for Boolell.

But if Makhan is the candidate, there is a chance that Boolell’s political career will be dimmed even if he wins by a slim margin while the Labour will then be stuck with Ramgoolam at the helm.

This would mean the MMM will be even a bigger party in the next GE.