What Trump failed to ask when he met Putin

What Trump failed to ask when he met Putin

July 10, 2017 0 By User

From President George W Bush Jr to President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump, it appears that Russia’s new Tsar Vladimir Putin has got an easy prey, at last.

While it was never that difficult for Putin to deal with Bush and Obama – both men blinked while looking at Putin in the eyes – Trump simply gave in.

However, Trump played it well in his meeting with President Putin, hiding more than he spoke about, and diverting the media’s attention on some real issues.

The issue at stake here in our analysis of the meeting – a meeting that went even better for Putin giving him international legitimacy – is that of the US election hacking.

This is an issue that has hit the Trump’s administration well before it took power and is, in fact, a parting gift from President Barack Obama.

Obama wanted to make sure Hilary Clinton’s defeat will get stuck to Trump for months or years to come, planting the weird tunes of a Russian hacking of America’s sacrosanct democratic exercise.

The question that Trump did not ask?

Was there a real hacking of the US elections?

With the US President claiming he asked Putin the difficult question on whether Russia or Putin himself hacked those elections to get Trump to win, the answer was to be an obvious one.

нет Said Putin. Niet means no.

Did we expect Putin to say Yes? No one would have expected that.

Did we expect Trump to storm out of the meeting with Putin, angered by the fact that Putin said NO?

The drama is over for Putin but it is only the beginning for Trump.

Trust me, Trump did not bury the election hacking issue with his meeting with Putin, as this issue will continue to haunt him with the Democrats carving a niche on the risks that it will pose if America continues to support Putin.

And the question that we ask ourselves – if it is so easy for Moscow to get a man elected in the USA, what else can Pyongyang do with its cyber troopers in the USA?

Is the USA that vulnerable?