Drone video shows destruction of Mosul – ISIS victorious

Drone video shows destruction of Mosul – ISIS victorious

July 12, 2017 0 By User

The Iraqi army, composed mostly of Shia elements, fought a door to door battle against the Isis in Mosul. They took the city, but in the end it is ISIS that came out victorious if you look at the end game.

The Isis has diluted itself among the populace or has disbursed its soldiers across Arabia but it is the complete destruction of the city of Mosul – complete – that is the focus point of the aftermath of this long war.

And in this aftermath, it is certain that the Isis has left behind one of its traits: that is destruction on its path.

People from western Mosul fled some of the worst fighting there and finally found safety, only to be forced back to areas still under ISIS fire, said Human Rights Watch.

The rights organisation also said the destruction was total and the human cost was unbearable for the Sunni families living in Mosul.

The American forces that backed the Shia militia that retook Mosul from the Isis also admitted that there might be a resurgent Isis, calling it Isis 2.0.

So the Iraqi army was victorious? 

They proceeded with revenge against the Sunni’s whom they accused of harbouring the Isis or allowing the Isis to take over the city in the first place.

The Human Rights Watch called for the coalition to take more care in conducting its bombing campaign, particularly with regards to the types and size of bombs it is dropping, explains the organization‘s senior Iraq researcher Belkis Wille.

But it fell into the deaf ear, with the complicity of the Americans.

The aftermath of this rage by the Iraqi Shia looks like the doomsday has finally fallen on Mosul and on its population.

In an interview with RT, HRW said: The humanitarian community is trying to very quickly jump-start reconstruction efforts in Mosul. This includes making sure that there is water, electricity, marketplaces, medical facilities. But what we’re talking about is a big part of the city that is completely flattened to the ground. That destruction will take months if not years to rebuild, and at a very, very high cost. Until then, many of the civilians in Mosul, who have now been displaced to camps are going to have to remain in those camps because they have no homes to go to.

But the war was also one conducted with a hidden agenda by the Iraqi army: The submission of the largely Sunni population to the Iraqi regime in Baghdad.

Expect more scuffles in the future?

In June, HRW said allegations emerged of Iraqi forces beating and unlawfully killing men and boys fleeing Mosul in the final phase of the battle against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), Human Rights Watch said today.

Four witnesses told Human Rights Watch that they saw Iraqi forces beat unarmed men and boys fleeing the fighting within the last seven days, and said they also obtained information about Iraqi forces executing unarmed men during this time period.