New Delhi breathing on Pravind’s neck: Snap polls or get snapped?

New Delhi breathing on Pravind’s neck: Snap polls or get snapped?

July 21, 2017 0 By WFTV


PM Jugnauth haunted by a corrution case that is lingering on his rule

The recent threat by a minister to kill a member of the Parliament is perhaps the lowest of the low for the MSM.

And it got Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth into further trouble because of this, with New Delhi now pressing even harder for snap polls.

From New Delhi, we heard the ripple effects of the Shaukatally Soodhun murder threat against former Minister Xavier Luc Duval in a video that has since then gone viral in Mauritius.

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The threat has also raised concerns in the Muslim community, where Soodhun is now seen as danger to the community and calls for him to quit from his post of deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius is rising.

The MSM is testing the ground to get to know the sentiments and the level of its popularity among the Mauritians.

In the process, it is also making things worst with more scandals coming out in the open by the day.

Our sources in New Delhi can reveal that the Narendra Modi administration is now pressing Jugnauth for a quick exit from power.

“The Shaukatally Soodhun incident has added to the exasperation in New Delhi.

“They are now breathing on Pravinds neck and if does not buckle up and order snap polls, he might be looking at a sudden end of his political career!.

“The explanation campaign as they call it at the MSM is an actual testing of the party’s popularity. And the results are devastating,” said the source.

She said the Modi government told the MSM leadership the party is in the worst position today.

The source told WorldfutureTv a new survey by the Indian agency showed the MSM is in total disarray.

“New Delhi knows that the MSM is at its rock bottom low. It is even in a worst situation than the Labour regime of 1982 and the Labour regime of 2014,” said the source.

The source added the sentiments towards the MSM today is more negative than 1995 when the party was thrashed at the Parliamentary Elections.

On Friday (Today) Xavier-Luc Duval, the leader of the opposition in Mauritius went to the central police station in Port Louis to make a police report under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PoTA).

Duval also intends to take up the matter at the Parliament with the Speaker since he believes the deputy PM is in «contempt of Parliament».

«If my bodyguard hands me his gun, I will kill Xavier Duval in the Parliament itself,” the Minister said.

Mauritians of all class are asking why no one, not even the Prime Minister or the police did nothing to even warn Soodhun on his dangerous video threat!