Doctor2U expects strong momentum revenue and app usage

Doctor2U expects strong momentum revenue and app usage

August 2, 2017 1 By WFTV

Mobile healthcare application company Doctor2U sees strong growth in its app usage and revenue, using Malaysia as a testbed for its platform and for its innovative approaches.

In the process, co-founder Keegan Flynn told Malay Mail the company expects to continue in this trajectory throughout this year and beyond.

Asked if Malaysia would be a gateway to the Asean market for its app, Flynn said with its relatively low startup cost and supportive government incentives, Malaysia is a really great market to incubate startups.

“It is a place that can be used a springboard into the rest of Southeast Asia.

“This gives us a lot of advantages and also helps us to gain the trust of our customers.

“We view Malaysia as a great place to launch and test out all our different services, and then we can replicate the platform in other markets and adjust based on each market’s unique characteristics,” he said.

Doctor2U is owned and supported by BP Healthcare Group, one of Malaysia’s leading primary and secondary healthcare providers.

Flynn said the group is consistently looking for strong partners to work with in order to expand its reach and help more Malaysian families find convenient and affordable healthcare services.

“So far, we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing partners. We signed a strategic partnership with Microsoft recently that will allow us to continually integrate the most cutting-edge healthcare technologies into our platform,” he told Malay Mail in an interview.

The group is also working with many of the major insurance providers, including Zurich, Prudential and Great Eastern by offering its value-added services to the staff and policyholders.

Since marketing is increasingly more complex nowadays, Doctor2U is pursuing a wide variety of marketing channels to promote its mobile health app.

“Since we’re a digital company, our biggest channel is online marketing via Google, Facebook and Instagram.

“We hold a lot of media events when we announce major partnerships or release new features, such as our new ambulance feature that we recently launched. We also do grassroots marketing at roadshows and go through more traditional channels such as print and radio,” he said.

Flynn said back in the day, doctor’s home visits used to be very common, not only in Malaysia but worldwide.

Over time it became less and less common, as it was viewed as more efficient for patients to cycle through the doctor’s office.

“However, there are massive benefits of home care that most people don’t realise.

“It has the potential for huge cost savings, both for patients and the overall healthcare system. Over 50% of our Doctor Home Visit patients would have otherwise gone to the hospital emergency department, which is significantly more expensive and a very unpleasant experience.

“We also treat many elderly patients with chronic conditions and are able to prevent expensive readmissions to the hospital. And there are other benefits to home health care such as better diagnoses and higher patient satisfaction,” he said.

The co-founder added that one of its biggest hurdles is educating customers and major stakeholders such as the government and insurance providers of the benefits of home healthcare.

“We have made a lot of progress but we have a long way to go. With the digitisation of our daily lives, consumers are becoming more comfortable using their smartphones for just about everything, including ordering healthcare services.

“And we are very confident that the market will continue moving in the right direction, as digital healthcare becomes more essential and integral to traditional healthcare systems worldwide,” Flynn said.

At Doctor2U, Flynn said the group operates under a very simple principle: putting the patient first.

“We are obsessed with our customers, and their experience, when using our app and receiving care from our healthcare providers.

“Everything we do is to better serve the customer, and we are constantly seeking feedback and tweaking our app based on our customers’ needs,” he explained.

He said one part of the business that they are proud of is the opportunity to offer additional income streams to thousands of healthcare professionals.

“Just like Uber and Grab drivers, our healthcare partners now have a flexible way to earn extra income when they choose to accept Doctor2U requests.

“As we grow our usage, and sign up more and more providers, this impact will continue to grow,” he said.

Doctor2U is a mobile health app that offers a range of on-demand healthcare services, including Doctor House Calls, Free Live Chat, Video Consultation and Medication Delivery.

Launched in 2015, the app’s core feature is its Doctor House Call service that brings a doctor to your doorstep within 60 minutes.