Chevrolet sales projections cut by half: Due to poor ratings?

Chevrolet sales projections cut by half: Due to poor ratings?

August 11, 2017 0 By User

Naza Quest Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor and importer of Chevrolet vehicles in Malaysia said it revised downwards its overall sales target in Malaysia.

Th It revised the targets to 500 units to be sold this year from a projected 1000 units which it  admits it cannot achieve.

The news was reported by The Malaysian Reserve newspaper, a daily that reports mainly on business in the country, saying the challenging market sentiment is pushing the company to realign its strategy and so on.

However, it is known that the company offers a very poor perspective to its customers, while it is unable to give complete services for its vehicles sold in the country.

For example, it fails to fix the Cruze model in its stable that is known to have a major fail with its transmission systems, not only selling the parts such as gear box and so on with an overpriced tag but being unable to fix the problem on site.

They have to divert all their customers who come with the Cruze transmission problems to third parties, which is not up to standard for the image of an American car.

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However, the company said it is ‘optimistic’ it will sell 200 units of a new model of the Colorado-X.