Mauritians could put an end to this instability

Mauritians could put an end to this instability

August 13, 2017 1 By WFTV

With claims that Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth from the Militant Socialist Movement is being linked to a drug lord which led to a rally in the beautiful African Island, Mauritius this just raised a series of questions.

Currently Mauritius has a former Prime Minister involved in a massive scandal as reported by WorldfutureTv and all local media in Mauritius.

The question is whether Mauritius still politically stable with these scandals?


Former PM Ramgoolam

“The Mauritian people could simply avoid this as Pravind Jugnauth just like his predecessor Navin Ramgoolam who are both sons of former Prime Ministers. And this is a dynasty system that has installed itself in Mauritius,” said a politic


al observer who also spoke to WorldfutureTv.

A large number of people came to a rally held on Friday, and this has helped the opposition parties to gain traction on this issue.

The former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam who is from the Labour Party was arrested for an alleged foul play and during his arrest, the officials found Rs 220 Million in his house following a raid.

WorldfutureTV asked a socially engaged person a question on the stability of Mauritius following a number of scandals that have hit the nation recently.

The source said that Mauritius might not be stable politically at this juncture due to certain racial reasoning, which is the instability that has installed itself on the Hindu’s majority.

The source also said the constituencies in the country are designed in such a way that they (the Hindu majority) will decide who will be the ruling party of the country after the elections.

Lastly, he said, Mauritius, however, is not economically stable altogether as fuel prices are rising – it went up twice in the past 6 months – which correlates to the rising cost of living.

There is a school of thought saying that for Mauritius to maintain its peaceful image, its people should take more action against incompetent leaders.

We cannot name any of these observers as they requested that their names remain incognito.

“The common knowledge we should have is that these people have no regard for regular folks because they have never lived like one before.

“Political parties are supposed to help the citizens but currently the Labour Party has already betrayed the citizens and most probably will the Militant Socialist Movement also betraying the vote they garnered in 2014,” said the observer.