BREAKING NEWS: Mauritius police referring Soodhun/Duval file to DPP

Sources told WorldFutureTv the local police in Mauritius is referring the Showkatally Soodhun-Xavier Luc Duval file to the Director of Public Prosecutions or DPP in Port Louis this weekend.

“POLICE refering SOODHUN/DUVAL file to DPP for comment and action,” said the source, adding that: “The outcome could be the arrest of Soodhun.”

Today’s news on the internet – and on WorldFutureTv – apparently forced the police to take action.

Today WorldFutureTv reported on the mass discontent against the police for not acting against people who are in power and who are accused of wrongdoings.

“Today’s news forced for action,” said the source who spoke to WorldFutureTv.


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