Mauritius PM struggles to stay in power as mysterious woman said to appear at drug inquiry


A mysterious woman is said to have been given the green light to appear and speak at the Commission of Inquiry on Drug Trafficking chaired by Paul Lam Shang Leen, former Judge of the Supreme Court.

The woman, said to be a former associate of people close to the current Prime Minister of Mauritius Pravind Jugnauth, will be called upon by next week to divulge what she knows about the drug warlords and their networks across the country.

The Commission of Inquiry is to inquire into and report on all aspects of drug trafficking in the Republic of Mauritius.

In an attempt to gain sympathy and to tap into the sentiments in Mauritius, Pravind Jugnauth is addressing rural Mauritius saying he has been receiving threats by drug warlords that resulted in him calling for an ongoing inquiry on drug trafficking.

While his campaign is now centered on the drug issues and on the semblance that his government is combatting drug warlords, people are responding by asking him why the police did not act on the accusations by the drug warlord Peeroomal Veeren who said the PM was behind the financing of drug imports in the country?

Jugnauth apparently retorted by saying Peeroomal  is a person that should not be trusted, but his stance on the issue and the police inaction is not going down well in the public.

The PM apparently also said that threats were made against him and his father, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth or SAJ.

Pravind said threats were also made against him and his family – including threats against his wife – over the British American Insurance (BAI) issue.

With these threats over him and his family, the PM urged the public to rally against drug traffickers and against those who want to derail the government’s plans over the scandal surrounding the BAI issue.

For those who are not in touch with Mauritian affairs, the BAI was a powerful privately owned organization in Mauritius.

It owned banking, insurance as well as healthcare entities in the country but the entire network was dismantled by the current regime that was under the leadership of SAJ.

The regime of SAJ accused the BAI of Ponzi schemes that siphoned public and private funds that it claimed went missing under their patronage.

The scandal – that is the accusation without much evidence at hands said critics – were bloated and the dismantling of the network has caused much suffering to the public in general, WorldFutureTv was told.

On the drug issue, the Labour Party is also asking the police why it is not acting on the Peeroomal’s allegations about the Prime Minister and the latter’s allegations that the MSM party, the party of Jugnauth, received funding from drug warlords to campaign in 2014 that led to them winning the elections?

PM Jugnauth haunted by a case that is lingering on his rule

“People are saying there are double-edge swords in everything. That is when a Minister make a certain allegations against someone, the police quickly acts but when a drug warlord says something about the PM, there is inaction,” said our source.

The source added that the public in general and those in the rural areas are less convinced by the police inaction, calling on the authorities to open an inquiry on the drug warlord’s accusations against Pravind.

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