Mauritius Drugs Saga: The Taiwanese link


An interesting article that has appeared on an anonymous website has gained our attention. The article is published here: and is entitled “Drug king pins in Mauritius”.

The article details the story behind the jailing of a man of Taiwanese parents for drug related charges in Mauritius.

We republish the article here:

There are various groups involved in drug trafficking in Mauritius and one of them is a group that has a Taiwanese link.

The group is composed of three people well known to the authorities. They are to be called ‘RT’, Prema B and a certain Madam W.

Madam W is of Taiwanese origin but is naturalised in Mauritius, which makes her a Mauritian citizen.

Madam W has a son who is in jail for drug related charges but sources said he is an importer of drugs into the peaceful Island nation.

RT. Prema, and W, it is said, had a closed-door meeting with a very high official in Mauritius. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the release of Madam W’s son from jail.

The W’s family fortune took a positive turn when they were granted millions of rupees in loans. Some sources said the loans were disbursed when the said high official who had met them recently was a top official in the Ministry of Finance. The loan he obtained is said to have been from ‘Maubank’ and the courts have not proceeded with the seizure of assets so far.

As a matter of fact, loans worth RS74 million were granted to the W’s, but it cannot be verified whether the loans were disbursed during the 2000-2003 or 2010 period.

Sources close to the W’s said the family expected the son to be released soon.

WorldFutureTV has since learned he is postulating to become a witness in the ongoing inquiry on drugs.

The son, WorldFutureTv was told (not named by the website and not named by our source who spoke to us on the story that has appeared online) is said to have offered to give information on Veeren Peeroomal and Siddick Islam, alias Ti Ner in a bid to secure his release from jail.

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