Ramgoolam victorious and what does it mean for the Jugnauth’s

Ramgoolam victorious and what does it mean for the Jugnauth’s

August 28, 2017 0 By WFTV

Former PM Ramgoolam cleared in stashed money case but is it too early to claim victory which maybe short-lived?

This is sheer bad news on a roll for the Jugnauth family, the biggest dynasty in power in Mauritius, and with this victory snatched after a long battle in court it is now the turn for Navin Ramgoolam to breath on their necks.

Whether the victory cleans his image or not, the big question remains: What does this mean for the Jugnauth family in their apparent feud against the Labour Party leader?

It also raises the question on how will this judgement hurt the MSM-ML government’s image altogether, since they backed their actions against Ramgoolam as part of their battle against corrupt practices in the country.

Now that Ramgoolam has been cleared of the numerous charges against him and he may even get to keep the RS220 million, which will make him or his party very rich, what should the people expect?

For a starter, it is added pressure on the Jugnauth’s to come clean on several issues. First of all, they have to explain their government’s rash move against Ramgoolam, and the move to hold him responsible for acts that he has since then been cleared of!

Secondly, they have to know that their government will now pile under more pressure on the British American Insurance or BAI saga.

How much of their attack on this conglomerate were justified?

How many people lost their jobs due to these rash actions? And why are these people and the investors in particular still suffering from these actions by the MSM-ML regime?

Yet the most important factor in Ramgoolam’s victory remains the image of the former Prime Minister himself – as he could never explain where did such an amount of money come from though it is said that such an amount was raised for the Labour Party’s electoral campaigns in 2014.

It would be nice of Ramgoolam to explain where did the donation come from, and if it is tainted, would it not be time for a review of who and who in the world of political donations in Mauritius?

The victory could be of short spell for Ramgoolam, given that he will now fall into complacency and he will refuse to explain the reason for the money being under his bed (literally speaking). That will be a political disaster in the making but Ramgoolam will not take heed, as he never does!

Nevertheless, for the Jugnauth it clearly means they will face a complete backlash in the No18 by-elections, which raises another question: Will there be a by-election? 

Unless we see a brave Pravind Jugnauth come out of the closet and allows for the by-election – one that he could potentially win if he were to plead with the public for support given the ‘good’ job he is doing with the drug issues in Mauritius?

That would be far-fetched, says the nosey insider.

In the end, are the politicians to gain more from their wrongdoings while the public pays the price for trusting the political class?

What a pity!

It will all depend on the people. Whether they will sanction Ramgoolam for his misgivings or they will support him because there is not better alternative after Paul Berenger and the MMM?

Or will the voters give the Jugnauth’s another chance?