PMSD: The party to watch in the next elections

PMSD: The party to watch in the next elections

August 30, 2017 0 By WFTV

Vikash Teeluckdhary’s joining the PMSD has rattled the traditional Hindu vote bank…

The Party Mauricien Social Democrat (PMSD) had a long story associated with great moments of the country’s history and linked to many ills altogether.

It is a historical political institution that has hitherto transformed the country’s politics since its inception. But today, it is bound to play an even bigger role in national politics.

WorldFutureTv brings you the story behind the closed doors of the PMSD and its plans for the future.

There was a time when the PMSD could have won the elections by itself, albeit for the hurried and shaky alliances built by the Labour Party to avert such an event.

Take the 1967 elections for example. The PMSD drew massive crowds in Port Louis and in cities and townships, and it was seen as a potential winner had the Labour Party not allied itself with the Committee D’Actions Musulmans (CAM) of Sir Abdool Razak Mohamed.

This became an ultimate move that sorely divided the Muslim votes during the elections that decided on the future of the country in 1967.

The Labour Party was also in alliance with the Independent Forward Bloc (IFB) of Sookdeo Bissoondoyal.

Hence the elections were fought between the Independence Party bloc which consisted of the Labour Party (winning 26 seats), the Independent Forward Bloc (winning 12 seats) and the Muslim Committee of Action (winning 5 seats).

Founded in 1956 by Jules Koenig, the PMSD was known as the Mauritian Union from 1946 to 1956.  Xavier Duval is the most successful PMSD leader after his father Gaetan Duval. During the 1967 elections, the PMSD won 23 seats, a feat it could not repeat again in successive elections, losing steam and becoming a small satellite party reminiscent of a long gone past in Mauritius history.

Prior to the taking over the leadership role at the PMSD, Duval was the leader of his own party which was formed following a split with the PMSD. It was called the Xavier Duval Mauritian Party or PMXD but with the merger of both political entities, the PMSD retained its name while the PMXD was dissolved. However, Xavier Luc Duval became the leader and Maurice Allet then leader of the PMSD, became the party’s president.

Sources tend to state that the PMSD is now focused with the General Population whom they call the Mauritian Creole community, but WorldFutureTV can tell the Mauritian readers that this is changing.

While the PMSD has long been a loyal ally of the Mauritian Labour Party, it also allied itself with the MSM and the MMM in the past.

But in the elections of 2014, it joined the Alliance Lepep, a coalition comprising the Militant Socialist Movement, the Muvman Liberater, and the PMSD. This was a historic moment for Duval with the party winning eleven seats. This was the best ever performance of the party since the 1967 elections.

But the impressive gains was not enough to keep Duval’s party in the Alliance Lepep, which collapsed after Duval pulled out of the coalition.

The pullout from the government has given Duval a new political outlook, certainly with the MMM waning away in 2014 following a miscalculated move by its eternal leader Paul Raymond Berenger.

Following the PMSD’s pullout from the regime, Xavier-Luc Duval was appointed as the leader of the opposition by the President of Mauritius.

In this position, and with his good track record in Parliament, the country is looking at Duval as the new force that could help salvage the country’s reputation and integrity on the international stage.  

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