PMSD: The party to watch in the next elections

New Delhi

Duval also has the moral support from New Delhi. He impressed the Indian leaders during his short spell in power but he has a good track record holding various posts in the different governments his party had allied to in the past.

He was Vice Prime Minister of Mauritius and Minister of Finance in the government of former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam.

Aged 59 (born on 28 January 1958), political observers in Mauritius and outside the country have one thing to say: Duval is ripe to play a bigger role in the future of the country.

Many said he is becoming a uniting factor among the Christians and is appealing to a certain percentage of Muslims – the traditional and historical voter bank of the PMSD.

However, the trend in Mauritius is also changing to the point that a fringe of the Hindu community is also moving away from their traditional political bases.

But why would New Delhi look at Duval as a potential leader who could run the country?

India has too much at stake in Mauritius and the question whether India has a hand in local politics or not is a given since it is known that the Indian nation has strong connections with the local political formations.

They need to get things clean in the country in order to avert a crisis that might risk their investments and their long term geopolitical play in the Indian Ocean. Thus their intent in looking for the right ally to support at the top of the country’s leadership ladder.

Hindu Split

Nevertheless, there is a political split that is appearing within the Hindu community – considered the majority force in Mauritius – and this might play to the advantage of Duval in the next general elections.

A source from New Delhi told WorldFutureTv: “The Hindu community is facing its own moments in which it has to make its choices. Vote for Labour en masse or for MSM en masse?

“They tried both recently, and it did not work well. A fringe of the Hindu community might simply abandon the traditional vote and make a solemn departure in the rural seats, that is instead of choosing the Labour or MSM candidates, they would have the choice to vote for the MMM and PMSD candidates,” said the source.

The source also said the PMSD has a better chance than anyone else in the No 18 constituency where the MSM has practically lost all credibility and would perhaps not even have a candidate in the list.

“There may not be a by-election in the end, as the PM would either be replaced after the September ruling at the Privy Council or be forced to dissolve the Parliament next sooner than later,” said the source.

The Hindu split is seen within the lines of the Arya Samaj, Arya Sabha movement.

Founded in 1903, Arya Sabha Mauritius (the Sabha) is an association of benevolent persons duly registered (No. 20) with the Registrar of Associations. The Sabha is the apex institution of the Arya Samaj movement in Mauritius regrouping over 400 branches across the island. The Sabha has 247 centres known as Arya Samaj Mandirs. These branches have been running classes in Hindi, citizenship education, home economics, crafts, etc. throughout the various centres of the Sabha.

The members of the Arya Samaj has always been courted by the powers that be in both the MSM and the Labour Party, but they were never near the PMSD.
 Recently, the members of the Arya Samaj said they were left speechless – in an adorable way – when former minister Duval in a speech (which they said were a speech never heard before by their movement) the latter quoted the wordings: “Vasudev Kutumbakam”, which is well known among great Arya Samajists. This is a Sanskrit phrase indicating ‘the whole world is one family.
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