The people that matter most: Shameem Korimbocus

The people that matter most: Shameem Korimbocus

September 1, 2017 0 By WFTV

Shameem – The Mauritian social media superstar!

With hilarious videos that reaches 20,000 to 150,000 views, posts that are getting thousands of likes and dozens of shares, and do not forget the gritty comments by his followers on Facebook, we present to you Shameem Korimbocus.

Author of the Facebook page ‘La vérité ki pou dérange zot‘, he is a star of the Mauritius social media scene, a popular public figure if you ask me.

But he said to WorldFutureTv he is doing all that because he likes to disturb the powerful people of Mauritius, mainly the political figures and he does not hide his disdain for them.

In a quick take on his intentions, Shameem told WorldFutureTv his page is for his followers, whom he calls ‘brothers and sisters’ to be conscious on which direction the country is taking in these troubled times.


“We like to say we are proud what our parents have done for Mauritius, and we praise them (flattering the parents). But we do not want the future generations to blame us because we allowed things to go wrong,” he said.

Shameem, who posted a picture of himself with his father sitting with first Prime Minister of Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam when he was a kid, said “I like to disturb them ?” when he spoke of the current political class.

He believe SSR was of a different class, a one and only type of politician.

He called on the people of Mauritius to wake up. “Regain your consciousness,” he said.

He also said it is not only during election time that the people should look into whats happening in the country, and allow politicians to friend the people to get votes.

They hand over RS500 and the ‘Brianis’ or the bit of alcohol drinks distributed and we sell our consciousness?

On his take on the arrival of social media in Mauritius, he said the current government of the Alliance Lepep is in power thanks to the people who are active on social media.

He mentioned a video ‘Viré mam’ that was launched on social media and contributed largely to the MSM-ML-PMSD victory in 2014.
But today, the same social media platforms are showing how unpopular the regime is.
On his wishes for the country’s future: “I just want to see a real patriot who would assemble the Mauritians so that we can get our fair share of the national cake.
“They have to come and tell the people with sincerity and honesty how are they going to help the people to save our country!”
On his favourite joke: (En Creole)
“Mo ti ena mo kamarade Salim. Mo dire li alle prend 1 filet au fish pou moi Mac Do Li alle supermarket li acheter 1 poisson avek 1 di pain li amen pou moi
Vrai sa. Li pas ti koner ki apel Mac Donald,” – Shameem