Rostec brings together hi-tech product developers

Rostec brings together hi-tech product developers

September 2, 2017 0 By User

Rostec State Corporation has presented the BRICS 2017 Creative Partnership Exhibition their views on their leading projects, including those developed in cooperation with the companies from BRICS countries.

The exhibition was held under the auspices of the BRICS Business Council meeting in Shanghai. 

Rostec State Corporation has helped to bring together the minds of hi-tech product developers and the views of designers from China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Russia.

Rostec is already implementing some of these projects in partnership with the companies from BRICS countries, including a wide-body long-haul aircraft (SFDMS), a heavy civilian helicopter, a multi-purpose Ka-226T helicopter as well as the latest smart phone model YOTA3.

After the opening of the Exhibition V. Kladov, Director for the Rostec International Cooperation and Regional Policy Department spoke on the project on the creation of the wide-body long-haul aircraft (SFDMS): “Russia and China have come together to challenge the global monopoly of two companies (Boeing and Airbus) and set an objective for the aviation industry of both countries to create an aircraft that would be more efficient, cost-effective and reliable and have better flight characteristics.” The first flight of the helicopter is planned for 2025.

Regarding the Sino-Russian project on the creation of a heavy civilian helicopter, V. Kladov said it is very important that the operation ceiling of this machine will be 5,700 meters. No other helicopter can fly at this altitude.

“This means that the helicopter will be able to deliver cargo to the highlands of Tibet easily. The negotiations are nearing a conclusion, and we are hoping to sign the contract before the end of the year.”

During a press briefing, V. Kladov answered questions form journalists from BRICS countries on the prospects of military and technical cooperation between China and Russia.

“Our military and technical cooperation is developing incrementally and on a very large scale. The volume is over US$ 6.5bln,” noted V. Kladov.

It is a very significant sum for both parties: “We are now supplying the Su-35 multirole jets to China; the first jets have already entered service. We do not supply such jets to any other country. In addition, over 10 countries are interested in the S-400 system. However, China is the only country with which we have signed a contract on this systemIt is currently being manufactured and will be adopted by the Army of the PRC in the coming years.”

“Never before have our countries been so close. Never before have we had such trust and such comprehensive strategical partnership based on trust, good-neighborly relations and mutual understanding,” V. Kladov said. 

The works presented by designers at the Rostec Exhibition at BRICS 2017 Creative Partnership can be seen at: