The end of communism in China will have massive global repercussions

The end of communism in China will have massive global repercussions

September 11, 2017 0 By User

The Chinese Quagmire: It is part of the end-of-the-world scenario. Plans are underway to bring down the communist regime in China and for this, a few ‘powers’ are using an axis that might just do it.

The overthrow of the communist regime, a game plan led by Tokyo, is well underway but it is the end-game that worries the most.

The point is if China’s regime falls, it is those who would have brought it down that will benefit on both a geo-strategic and geo-political level.

If Japan succeeds in its covert actions to undermine and bring down the Communist Party of China (CCP), the collapse of communism in China will represent a big tilt in the balance of power in the world.

It will be a sign that the globe will veer into a new form of polarisation that will cause more troubled hot spots to appear, that is if you get the essence of this argument.

It will be a totally different ball game compared to the fall of Russia’s communism and the fall of the wall of Berlin.

I can see Trump – if China falls under his rule – triumphantly calling for the Capitalists to take their fair share of the spoils on the steps of the White House.

But Japan will also rise in the wake of a collapse of communist China. Religion will also play an important role in the aftermath, as the collapse of communism will surely mean that freedom of religion will be restored.

Capitalism will take over in the economic system and whatever type of democracy the ‘winners’ will impose will be based on the rich getting richer, but there will probably be enough opportunities for the lower level of the society to reap some benefits too.

Activating Pyongyang’s Nuclear Arsenal

Nevertheless, on the geopolitical map, North Korea will be left as the only communist entity alive in this part of Asia.

But that does not mean it will be easier to knock down Pyongyang’s regime if it is still in power after a collapse of communists in Beijing.

In such an event, the North Koreans will still have plenty of support from Myanmar where a military regime is in power and from some Southeast Asian nations, including Cambodia and perhaps Thailand.

But it will give South Korea greater space to taunt the North Korean regime, and together with Japan and the US breathing on its neck, Pyongyang might resort to the use of its nuclear weapons before anyone could react.

The question is whether the Japanese are also thinking of a master plan for North Korea in the aftermath of their possible success in causing the collapse of the communists in Beijing?

That does not seem to be of interest to Tokyo at this moment since their focus is to keep talking to ‘democratic’ forces in Beijing and within the CCP.

Map showing the concentration of Muslims across China

The religious factor in China

With the end of communism, China will be abuzz with religious conversions from communist beliefs to oriental beliefs, Christianity and Islam. 

It might also spark a rally of ‘blond’ hair bonding among the women in China who would be in search of the elusive foreign – European or Middle Eastern – partners (as funny as it sounds).

However, a religious clash will be possible within the borders of China in the wake of the Chinese Muslims asserting their authority in their territories, and that could lead to the creation of a new entity in the Xinjiang province.

Currently, the Muslims are a minority group in China with the Hui Muslims forming the majority among the Muslim groups.

The greatest concentration of Muslims is in Xinjiang, with a significant Uyghur population. Lesser but significant populations reside in the regions of Ningxia, Gansu, and Qinghai and they might be the source of ‘revolts’ once communism in China is laid to bed.

The Japanese plotters are not really thinking of any scenarios regarding the religious factor in China. What is of interest to them is the fall of communism and the ‘return’ of China into the folds of the ‘free world’.

Greater Consequences in the South China Sea

The other greater consequences of such a fall will be the Japanese-cum-American domination of the South China Sea where a long standing dispute is underway with China having an upper hand on the vast trading route.

This despite a ruling a year and ago by the International Court of Justice that condemned China for its illegal occupation and militarisation of the territories and waters that obviously, does not belong to it.