Mauritius Human rights agent linked to RS9.36 billion in Money Laundering?

The money laundering network in Mauritius goes deeper into other institutions that would be unsuspected of such illicit activities, said a source to, with at least US$280.2 million siphoned or Rupees 9.36 billion.

The source, who wanted to remain incognito, said a high official of a human rights agency in Mauritius is one of the personalities involved in the case of former Attorney General Ravi Yerrigadoo.

The source said the Deputy Chairperson is a recipient of millions of US dollars from the money laundering activities. Online documents seen by shows transactions amounting to $45 million shared between three to four individuals on a weekly basis, starting from the week of August 3-7 to the week of August 2-28, 2015.

Partial screen shot of online documents sent to WorldFutureTv showing the amounts of money transacted in US$ and the partial passport numbers of the recipients with the percentage of their share of the money.

This amounts to $180,000 divided among the individuals in which the name of the human rights agency member appears with the passport number altogether, in tranches of $45 million in every single transaction. The money is then disbursed among the recipient.

Another document, both in French, indicates the amount of $600,000, $11.4 million, $42.3 million and $45 million transacted from the week of July 6, 2015, to the date of July 27, 2015.

The names of the recipients, their passport numbers and the amounts distributed to them (which varies from week to week) are also printed in the document seen by WorldFutureTv.

The source told us the documents allegedly show the money laundering transactions done via a Taiwanese bank, as one of the names of the beneficiaries showed online is a Taiwanese citizen. The transactions are allegedly linked to the former AG’s ongoing money laundering case.

The attorney general of the island nation of Mauritius stepped down on Wednesday after allegations he had helped launder gambling money.

On the other hand, the stepping down of Yerrigadoo may indicate that the regime of Pravind Jugnauth has started to clear the path for early polls in Mauritius.

WorldFutureTv broke the story of New Delhi pressing for polls in Mauritius, urging Prime Minister Jugnauth to call for early polls in order to save the country from a series of scandals and politically motivated decisions since the coming to power of the Alliance Lepep.

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