MSM cleaning the stable ahead of early polls: Soodhun out?

MSM cleaning the stable ahead of early polls: Soodhun out?

September 14, 2017 0 By User


Youtube grab of Soodhun speaking


The ruling Mouvement Socialist Militant (MSM) is cleaning its stable from unpopular and tainted figures in preparation for early polls, on the backdrop of a mega money laundering scandal.

According to our latest count, the amount transacted could reach Rupees 9.56 billion, which is an astronomical amount.

The MSM leader Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth forced former Attorney General Ravi Yerrigadoo out of his post despite denials by the latter on his involvement in a money laundering case.

The case blew up in the face of Yerrigadoo after a protagonist, Husein Abdool Rahim came with a sworn affidavit yesterday accusing the former AG of aiding in money laundering involving ‘undeclared funds’.

The funds were deposited in the bet365 online gaming portal accounts of at least two individuals, that of Husein himself and a person is known as Sylvio Sundanum, a manager of ‘Dry Cleaning’.

Sundanum is said to be the person who linked the former AG to Husein.

With Yerrigadoo out, the pressure is now mounting on another Minister, WorldFutureTv was told, but the latter is not bent on leaving the political scene alone, we are told.

The minister, close to the family of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, was apparently asked to vacate his post as the party cleanses its stable for early polls, WorldFutureTv was told.

The Minister of Land and Housing, Shaukatally Soodhun, was given an ultimatum to quit but we cannot confirm this information at this moment.

Rumours are that Soodhun is using his influence with Saudi Arabia to battle out for his ministerial post, despite his growing unpopularity.

Facing the threat of a possible revocation, Soodhun is said to have dangled some secret information – some published by WorldFutureTv – in the face of the Jugnauth family in the hope that he will keep his post in the MSM-ML regime.