End of Communism in China: A question of perception

Chinese communism was built under the strong leadership of Mao The Dong

The statement: “The end of communism in China will have massive global repercussions” is indeed a fascinating one. It boils down to the question: Can we expect a major shift in the balance of world forces, that currently steer world affairs? This is indeed a grievous and perhaps even more imminent issue, than the more religious aspects regarding a coming end time.

Actually, I seriously doubt if there ever will be such a end time on the physical plain – unless we people expect such a judgmental event to happen – like Americans do since centuries. Yet, there are admittedly requirements that certainly need to be addressed – perhaps even in a way never experienced by mankind before. That view would in my opinion be nearer to the mark.

The answer on a current shift in the balance of world forces can and will probably always be according to the opinion we have been able to conceive due to our education and the social- cultural background we are raised in. Question is: Do we personally want such a shift to occur? And in what way should this be done? It is our responsibility, not that of governments, nations or states. And we should start asking ourselves – that is we should start thinking and not assigning this task to institutional entities to think about issues that immediately concerns us as part of mankind. That is moral reasoning of course, but I don’t back out for the remarks.

Indeed, there are aspirations and initiatives pending for the instatement of a new order for the world we live in – not only from bankers and investors of the so-called “Khazarian mafia” or Wall Street elite, but also from main Eurasian and East Asian states like Russia, India and China. Since it should be addressed – properly, not with evil intentions.

As was stated in the article from the author – it has to be seen, that we might assume “Tokyo” to be the steering factor behind initiatives to overthrow the communist system in China. That is a bold thought and at the same time – with all respect to the author – a blunt sword. Let’s consider this thought: What would be Japan’s role and contribution to such thug plans anyhow?

For decades now, Japan is heavily influenced by agencies of all sorts striving for a NWO, using Japan as a kind of HQ from where all further infiltrations to undermine a countries economic,

financial and political structure are planned. These plans are never in the interests of the East- Asian States. What is the method?

All these – Japanese based – agencies have a kind of economic i.e. financial ‘hitman function’ that seriously aim to undermine any government’s sovereignty and freedom of decision making, not willing to subdue to their aspirations. Examples is for instance the State of Burma or Myanmar as it is called today. In this country, the government closed an American NGO “for development and sustainment of democracy”. This NGO however served as a cover-up of course to influence the Myanmar government towards the interests of the West. As a result of the expulsion of this NGO by the Myanmar government we suddenly see those horrific events occurring on the people of Rohingya – a stateless Sunny Muslim ethnic minority located in Rakhine State of Myanmar. According to Human Rights Watch–a watch organization founded by Robert Bernstein (*) for the advocacy of human rights with base in New York–, Burmese law seem not to recognize this minority, which nevertheless has historic roots in Myanmar since the 8th. C. According to HRW, these people have no freedom of movement, no chance to get proper education and, as a result, aren’t eligible to get civil service jobs. (*) We don’t know all details, but the series of occurrences is ‘remarkable’ to say the least. It can very well be, that basic rights are denied by the Burmese government, but it is also a typical and current example of CIA’s infiltrating policies in the Far-East. And these policies serve an NWO-policy that wishes to spread out like a mold disease over the skin.

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