North Korea: Newbie Trump wanting to play with big cats!

North Korea: Newbie Trump wanting to play with big cats!

September 24, 2017 0 By User

It is President Donald Trump who is blowing the horns and trumpeting about the famous red button of the powerful nuclear arsenal resting restlessly in his hands.

But the small time foreign policy player may suddenly face another trumpet blowing his way: That is a one of a kind North Korean response!

While the entire world (Minus Russia and China, Iran) seems to be mesmerised by Trump’s blowing off the nuclear power that he has in store for the North Koreans, there is actually little that we know on how the US intends to really prevent a catastrophe.

For the United Nations to accept such a speech without criticism of President Trump is a sign the world is going into a dangerous path, where a leader as rhetorical as Hitler is allowed to threaten another nation with nuclear annihilation on the altar of the global movement.

It is simply unacceptable by all moral standards, a scene equating to Adolf Hitler coming to the UN altar and delivering a speech on the Third Reich and its anti-semitic propaganda.

From the U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN, Nikki Haley’s hysterical claims the North Koreans want war to Trump’s miscalculated rhetoric on how the US can destroy another nation on earth, we have seen how the world has gone down the drain.

Supporters of Trump’s missteps at the UN would dismiss criticism, not knowing and ignoring the magnitude of this disgraceful act from Trump, putting them on the same thin line of hypocrisy and hysteria.

Yes Iran is a danger if it has nuclear weapons, and yes North Korea is already a nuclear power, but that is not the way to deal with these problems.

His calling the Venezuelan President names is equal to Hitler calling Stalin a saint.

His dismissal of President Barack Obama’s hard work in getting Iran to kowtow on a nuclear deal is tantamount to a Pharaoh attempting to erase his predecessors memory in history. That is how crazy Trump can sound at times but the fact remains that we are living in disruptive times and Trump is one of a hell of a disruption.

The disruption created by Trump has no equal in global history to that of the likes of Hitler, when the latter decided to conquer Europe and other parts of the world just because it was there for the taking.

Trump is not doing anything different except that he is targeting a tiny minion in a bid to create a war situation that would benefit the US.

But the wind always blow in different ways, that is after it blows in your direction, it might also blow against you and that is what Trump will soon learn in foreign policy.

Lets face the facts in the USA-North Korea battle: Firstly, Trump will be incapable to use nuclear weapons to annihilate the North Korean nation. Such a move might have dreadful consequences for Japan, South Korea and parts of China.

Secondly, any missteps might get a swift response from what would remain of the Kim Jung-un regime. A potential nuclear response on Japan or South Korea may follow up, however crazy it sounds.

A tactical attack on the North Korean leadership may or may not kill the responsible parties, because the intel will have to be specific. This is not the USA entering Pakistan upon the accord of the Pakistani intelligentsia to seek and destroy a lone disheveled man, Osama Bin Laden.

This is about taking out a leader who holds key to his country’s nuclear bombs.

Any actions by Trump will have to get China’s approval, otherwise it would be singularly treated as an attack on Chinese soil, like it or not.

Hence, Trump is acting like a small kid who is willing to take on the tigers on the bloc, not knowing what the consequences might be just simply because he thinks he is right and that nothing will happen.

Well, we can say that one of the scenarios in this escalated war drum beating is New York or Washington getting nuked as a sign of reprisal from Pyongyang.

Has Trump thought of that? Certainly not, but if it were to happen, picture Trump standing on the steps of the White House looking at the ball of fire raging over the US saying “I was right, I was right,”.