Opposition says Mauritius gov’t on witch hunt against opponents

Opposition says Mauritius gov’t on witch hunt against opponents

September 27, 2017 0 By User

The witch-hunt orders come directly from the government house?

After the cracking against the L’Express daily newspaper with the harassment of 3 of its journalists and editors, the authorities are now in a witch-hunt enterprise against defected members who have joined the opposition.

The husband of the daughter of Danielle Selvon, who left the MSM party of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to join the MMM opposition party, is now facing deportation.

“They are resorting to a witch hunt for some time now, against officials who are leaking information and against all those who are opposing them. Remember the episode where a Minister (Shaukatally Soodhun) threatened to shoot the opposition leader Xavier-Luc Duval,” said a source.

Today, the husband of Danielle Selvon, a veteran journalist alerted his followers on his Facebook page that his son-in-law Stéphane Driant was facing deportation and was called to the immigration office of Mauritius with the express consignment not to bring along his Mauritian wife.

“Stéphana Driant’s lawyer is Mr. Sidhartha Hawoldar. The expulsion attempt is currently being made and concerns directly the office of Pravind Jugnauth (Prime Minister of Mauritius) – It appears some people want to curb on French investments in Mauritius, among which Stéphane et Mélody (Sydney Selvon’s daughter) is located in the north of the Island,” wrote Mr. Selvon.

Selvon said his son-in-law invested in Mauritius and is in engaged principally in the tourism business.

Selvon directly linked the attempt to deport his son-in-law as part of a move by the MSM leadership (including the Prime Minister) to his wife’s joining the MMM in the opposition, a move that has impacted on the MSM’s voter bank or of what remained of it among the General Population of Mauritius.

Speaking to WFTV, a source said all the dissidents and opponents will face such threats from the current regime in Port Louis.

“They are in panic mode and they will do anything to maintain their grip on power, even to go to the extent of threatening the families of opponents,” said the source.