Pravind risks losing financial support from New Delhi

While saying his government is on the right track and that he will be judged by the performance of his regime in power, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth is risking the pullout of financial support from New Delhi, a major donor and creditor to the Mauritian economy.

This was revealed to WFTV by our correspondent in New Delhi who cited sources close to powers that be in the Indian capital city.

The source told WFTV the Indian government is growing increasingly weary of the scandals and the slide of support for the MSM-ML regime in power.

“New Delhi is not willing to lose its capital investment in the country which is now in serious jeopardy with the numerous scandals and the potential collapse of the MSM-ML regime,” said our correspondent, citing the source.

The source told WFTv the PM made promises to India before his trip to New Delhi earlier this year where he was in return promised with the financial help from the Indian government.

The Indian government carried out its part of the deal but Pravind has so far defaulted on his promises, missing out on the snap polls which were to be held between September and December this year.

But the source said there is still plenty of time to December and things will wrap up for the MSM-ML regime which is facing backlash on everything it touches.

“He is not giving in to the pressures from New Delhi, the pressures are mounting but Pravind is not budging. This is sending the wrong signal to New Delhi,” said the source.

The source said the recent scandals that has tarnished the MSM-ML regime has dampened New Delhi’s enthusiasm and the regime is risking the pullout of further and future financial support from New Delhi.

In June we reported that a friendly nation to Mauritius, India, has apparently advised Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to dissolve the Parliament and to go for snap polls.

This was revealed to by a source close to the matter, who said the Indian authorities have carried out a survey on the prospects of a snap poll in Mauritius.

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The survey was conducted by the Indian agency which studied the May 1 rallies of the ruling coalition, and that of the opposition parties.

The survey was on the sentiments with regards the political parties in the country, and their chances in a snap poll.

We stand by our reporting on the Mauritius situation and we also stand by our stories on the role India plays in Mauritius politics. It is only a matter of time for the forecasts to materialise, despite the fact that in Port Louis and among government circles there is a complete denial of our reports.

This while the some opposition parties like the MMM, there is also a denial of facts such as the possible outcome of snap polls for the party if they were to run with a certain personalities as deputy PM.

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