Police under pressure to arrest Soodhun

The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Port Louis is said to have suggested  arrest the Minister of Land and Housing, Shaukatally Soodhun, and to release him on bail.

The information, unconfirmed at the moment of publishing the story, was transmitted to WFTV from our correspondent in New Delhi.

“The arrest may occur anytime within two weeks,” said the source who spoke to our correspondent. The source also said the Chief of Police of Mauritius is in a bad posture on this issue.

The police have been slow in acting against Soodhun despite evidence of his threats against the Mauritian Opposition leader Xavier Duval. In a video post, Soodhun is heard threatening to shoot the Opposition leader (with a revolver).

Duval has since then made a police report which got Soodhun to give his own version of facts to the police at the police HQ but no further actions were taken against the minister.

People on the streets are saying the police is prompt to arrest the members of the public even on a suspicion of criminality, but ministers are walking free from murder threats and immoral acts in the Parliament.

The source said Soodhun was given a grace period to think over his political future by the elites within the Mouvement Socialist Militant (MSM) of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.

The ruling MSM is cleaning its stable from unpopular and tainted figures in preparation for early polls, on the backdrop of a mega-money laundering scandal.

According to our latest count, the amount transacted could reach Rupees 9.56 billion, which is an astronomical amount.

There is also peer pressure from New Delhi on the MSM to deal with its numerous scandals or vacate the corridors of power.

The rule of the MSM-ML has been rigged with several cases and scandals that have bordered to the ridicule and the indecent with an MP allegedly sending a picture of his private parts to his girlfriend from the Parliament.

Soodhun has apparently refused to quit his post.

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