US should look south of Iran over nuke bombs

US should look south of Iran over nuke bombs

October 7, 2017 0 By WFTV

In a tough juggling of the nuclear dangers that the Donald Trump administration is said to be weary about, the US should look south of Iran to stem a potential time bomb.

This for the reason that Iran does not have any interest to develop nuclear weapons after it entered into an accord with the US under former President Barack Obama.

Why south of Iran? This is where Qatar is, that right in the middle of a storm that could push the battered nation to spill its excess capital into a nuclear project. And they have all the reasons to think of entering the illicit nuclear trade, albeit with the help of Iran.

This week, the US leader is set to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, believing that the agreement is not in the US national interest.

The move would not break the US’s agreement with Iran, said Independent UK, but it would start a 60-day clock for a congressional review period in which legislators could choose to re-impose sanctions, putting a wrench in US-Iran relations.

In his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Mr Trump criticised the deal for potentially providing “cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear programme”.

Trump’s concerns over Iran is out of measure, bordering the ridiculous. As said above, Iran does not have any reasons to go further into the development of a nuclear bomb.

It is already under scrutiny and cutting Iran loose with the imposition of sanction – which might happen soon – will only make it easier for Iran to have ulterior thoughts.

However, what the US should really accomplish is a curb on Qatar’s fund exportations for both terror activities and for the funding of Iran’s and Hizbollah’s war in Yemen.

While a certain foreign policy lobby in the US is campaigning hard in Washington for the US ban weapons sale to Saudi Arabia, the same lobby is also acting like a shield in favour of Qatar.

In this respect, WFTV believes the US should focus on dismantling Qatar’s extremist network and funding of these networks and a potential funding of nuclear activities in other countries – including Iran and why not North Korea – instead of ending the deal with Tehran.

Keeping a tab on Teheran will help, limiting the overview of Iran’s nuclear progress will be a serious oversight indeed, one that the US might regret in the future.

Why? The reason is that with the current deal, the US has access to Iran’s nuclear programme and this stops the Iranians from going rogue. They have no intentions nor the means to ‘cheat’ the Americans. That is what we believe.