Soodhun escaping jail gives credence to banana republic claims

Soodhun escaping jail gives credence to banana republic claims

October 9, 2017 0 By WFTV

The fact that a Minister who threatened to shoot a Member of the Parliament who holds the high post of Opposition leader of Mauritius has escaped jail – most probably because he is the deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius and has powerful friends abroad – has caused more ire against the regime in power in the tiny republic nation.

The latest travesty of justice in the case of Minister of Land and Housing, Shaukatally Soodhun and his public threats to shoot the Mauritian Opposition Leader Xavier-Luc Duval.

The reactions on Facebook has been of total, utter shock that the Minister can walk free, without hindrance while “the ‘small people’ is sent to jail like no body’s business.”

As a result of the piling up of scandals in Mauritius that implicates the MSM-ML regime in power, the country has seen a rise in comments that it is now descending into a ‘Banana Republic’.

Several high profile individuals in Mauritius have stated the Island republic has turned into a ‘banana republic’ “Le petit bonhomme se transforme en leader de république bananière avec l’aide de hauts gradés de la police (pas tous),” wrote Sydney Selvon in his Facebook post on October 7.

In English it means the ‘small man has transformed himself into the leader of the ‘banana republic’ with the help of the high officials of the police force.’

In the editorial “The real situation in Mauritius today” in his Facebook post, Selvon said: The economy faces considerable risks; the environment continues to deteriorate; the government no longer has any money, the state coffers emptying themselves.

“…the recruitments of parents and friends; the national debt has worsened; bosses, workers and planters of the sugar industry have been facing since 1 October the danger of economic collapse of the sector; the little man transforms himself into a leader of a banana republic with the help of high-ranking police officers (not all); the most shameful scandals erupt almost every week.”

In another Facebook post, former Minister Gokhool Dharam asked “Can the downward spiral of the Mauritian society be stopped and reversed?”.

He also questioned: “Eski nous encore dans un pays libre!”?

Dharam also reposted a caricature from “Pov Toon‘s” that explains the mess created by the authorities in not investigating a former ‘Minister’ or the Attorney General in a money laundering case.

The graphic says a newspaper ‘L’express’ daily published a document incriminating a minister, the minister recognised the authenticity of the story and is forced to resign but the police instead carried out an inquiry against journalists from the newspaper.

Which is a perfect example how a ‘Banana Republic’ is run.

Anguille sous les roches

To recall, WFTV on October 6 reported that the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Port Louis is said to have suggested  arrest the Minister of Land and Housing, Shaukatally Soodhun, and to release him on bail.

The information, unconfirmed at the moment of publishing the story, was transmitted to WFTV from our correspondent in New Delhi.

“The arrest may occur anytime within two weeks,” said the source who spoke to our correspondent. The source also said the Chief of Police of Mauritius is in a bad posture on this issue.

However, to pre-empt the forceful arrest, the authorities opted for a simpler solution that would not force the Minister into resignation from his highly prized post in the government.

But this decision will not sit well with New Delhi and the backlash will be seen in the near future, WFTV was told.

“The point is the people should know why Mr Soodhun is not arrested while others gets into real trouble with the police for simpler antics,” said a source.

Is there ‘aiguilles sous roche” like they say in Mauritius?