New Delhi backed Hindu group sets ultimatum for Pravind to stop ‘Lalangate’

Indian backed Hindu House in Mauritius called upon Mauritian PM Pravind Jugnauth to buckle up if he wants to be remembered in history as a true political heavyweight.

Speaking on a local ratio station, the President of the Hindu organisation Viren Ramdurn in an open message to Pravind, clearly warned the latter to take appropriate actions against rogue MSM-ML elements, or face the dustbin of history.

The organisation is financed by New Delhi, and follows the orders from any government that is in power in India. In the wake of the appeal by the Hindu House, another scandal is bound to break out in Mauritius concerning an ML Minister.

A local daily is said to be on the brink of reporting on the ML minister’s scandal soon.

In the current political situation, the organisation was guided by New Delhi to make clear the statement to the PM of Mauritius.

According to our source, the statement says Jugnauth should act swiftly rather than divert the attention with pep-talks to journalists on the ugly, tasteless and protocol violating comments and acts by the MSM-ML ministers, MP’s and others.

In recent weeks, the MSM-ML saw one of its minister describing how he would shoot the Opposition Leader if he was to be given a gun in the Parliament by his bodyguard. This sparked outrage in Mauritius but Jugnauth for some obscure reason decided not to be hard on the minister.

While pressed by the DPP to arrest the latter, Jugnauth’s advisors clearly sought to salvage the political career of Shaukatally Soodhun with a case being brought by the DPP. Nevertheless, the Hindus in the organisation backed by India asked Pravind to chase all hopeless MPs from his government if he wants to be known like his father Sir Aneerood Jugnauth was.

“If not he will have to face the toughest moments soon. The Hindu organisation president clearly warned and ask for immediate action from Pravind, with new scandals always on the horizon in Mauritius involving MP’s, Ministers and high officials,” said our source.

Recently, an MP called a woman journalist a ‘female dog’ – which sparked serious backlash against the MSM MP on the internet.

Another MP was seen on a video that went viral in which he was apparently doing a virtual licking of his ‘girlfriend’ while sitting in the August Parliament. Pravind is now challenged by the Hindu organisation to act and prove that he is not a weak leader, said the source.

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