Mauritians against foreign pilots, asks to give back what belong to them!

Netizens – whether on Facebook or WhatsApp groups – are against the employment of foreign pilots by the national airliner Air Mauritius.

Since the story about the strike and firing of pilots at Air Mauritius broke out, the netizens from Mauritius made it clear on Facebook postings that they were not in favour of the local airliner employing Indian pilots to replace Mauritian pilots.

Some are saying their parents spent RS4-5 million to get them to study to become pilots and they are not given jobs by their national airliner.

“Parents are saying they have spent millions to get their children to study to become pilots, but in the end, they have to get jobs outside of Mauritius,” said a source to WFTV.

They are saying it is unfair for the authorities to carry on with the situation at Air Mauritius and to threaten to employ foreign (Indian) pilots to clamp down on the strike.

One Facebook comment said: 

Bizin prend zis pilote morisien pou travay, assez done bel bel paye bne expat.. akoz in coupe 2 billet avion dan zot allowance, passager paye pou sa!! Eski zot mank kass pou paye 2 billets avion sa bane jouisser la 600 700 mil zot la paye.. zouer r reputation Air Mauritius, zot merde r toi zot..
Donne morisien pilote nou avion, aret donne nou pied di riz etranger…

On the other hand, the Air Lines Pilot’s Association of India (APLA) said they are not willing to send their pilots to work for Air Mauritius. 

It is also said that the pilots in India have also rejected any offers made to them to join Air Mauritius following the strike that has shattered the airline’s flights to some destinations.

The inaugural flight of the Air Mauritius A350, set for Oct 19 has been postponed to Monday 23, according to the Sunday Times in Mauritius.


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