China and Xi’s rise as a global power: A historical moment

China and Xi’s rise as a global power: A historical moment

October 21, 2017 0 By WFTV

After Mao Tse Dong, Deng Xiao Ping…its the Xi’s era that will impact China the most!

The 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China or CPC gave some insight of the machinery and philosophy behind the steady rise of the party in recent years.

The anointment of President Xi Jinping at the grand ceremony as the leader of the party and of the nation, a historical moment in China’s modern history, will not resonate in the foremost corners of the country.

It will remain a moment fixed in time, a time in which the CPC and China would have stepped outside its borders to play with the big boys on the global scene.

Yes, China is a dominant economic force, one that has conquered more markets than the British Empire did during its heydays, and it is on the path to dislodging Japan as the most efficient and most competitive industrial nation on earth.

But it still has to impose its political will and its philosophical power on the rest of the world, if it wants to remain relevant and gain further edges in its ultimate aim: That is to become a dominant force!

And since China wants to be a force to be reckoned with in the future, it has chosen to continue with the leadership of the man who has changed the ruling party’s destiny.

It is in this microcosm of things that President Xi seems to be the chosen one, the one who can and surely will transform China’s image and role on a global scale.

The one belt one road or OBOR and the belt and road initiative or BRI – though in their infancy – may turn out to be the biggest gamble any country would have taken in the modern age. The only equal to this venture would be the rise of the European superpowers during the dark ages of slavery, a moment that the world wants to forget.

And the world will have to live with a greater China thanks to the revival of the golden age of the silk routes, both on land and in the seas.

However, China will also have to grow inclusively, inside and outside if it wants to achieve the dominance that it is aiming for.

The party will have to extend its arms to the poor and the needy within the country’s borders, and the needy here does not mean only those facing hardships in life, but also those who want a different life than the ones their parents saw in their days.

This will include taking the grievances in Hong Kong seriously, while the CPC should continue to cement its relations with its neighbours including Vietnam,

The most difficult moment for the CPC and for Beijing in the recent years has been on two external regional fronts, the North Korean issue and the South China Sea conflict.

Despite the conflicting situation in the SCS, the Party, State and people of Vietnam embraced the 19th CPC Congress with congratulatory remarks.

the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) said it always value the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership with China, in its message of congratulations recently sent to the Communist Party of China (CPC) on the occasion of the Party’s 19th Congress.

The party also called for the basic and long-term interests of the two countries’ people as well as for peace, stability, cooperation, and development in the region and the world, to continue.

Above all, China cannot grow internationally by nurturing conflicts that may go out of hand and will inevitably drag global super-powers in these conflicts.

Settling them peacefully will add to China’s rise as a peaceful nation, while the continuous handling of the North Korean issue with tact as it is doing indeed, will teach the rest of the world on Beijing’s peaceful intents all along. – By Kazi Mahmood –