iPhone X could make the difference but not at this price!

iPhone X could make the difference but not at this price!

October 22, 2017 0 By WFTV

The iPhone X price list has already been announced in Malaysia, and it comes with a whopping price tag. 

The base model which comes with a capacity of 64gb would cost you around RM5,149.

This phone literally costs more that Apple’s cheapest Macbooks.

Some people would justify that the trendier iPhone X has more features than the regular 8 or 8 Plus. 

The difference between them is the screen, which is beautiful in my opinion but not worth RM5,149 and the new technology called Face ID.

But reports show that the iPhone 8 and X would have the same processor, the A11 chip, it would mean that performance wise it would be similar. 

The camera department is where everything would change for the X, it has 2 front cameras and 2 back cameras, which means we can take the famous “portrait” photos on the front camera now.

There was rumours that the iPhone X was to have their Touch ID embedded in the lower part of its screen, but apparently Apple does not have the technology to do so.

Some analysts said that the sales of the iPhone 8 is slow, but I think we all know that its because of the iPhone X as thats the phone that everybody would want to own. 

iPhones lately have been boring as their design never really changed, from the 6, to 6s, to the 7 now the 8, they all look similar, but not the X.

Today the trend for smartphones is to have that fancy edge-to-edge display which is, again, beautiful, like the Samsung S8, Note 8 and the iPhone X.